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Ocean View Costa Rica Home Cheap

Playa Cedros Paradise

Ocean View Mz Home with Pool

$ 289,000


House near the beach

Beautiful recently renovated!!

$ 172,000


Cabuya Island View Lot

5000 m2 titled land

$ 139,500

photo 5(1)

House close to beach

House on 800 m2 titled land

$ 78,000

Casa 3

Cute Cabuya Home

Cute Titled 2 BR Home

$ 58,000


Lot 300m to Beach

440 m Titled Land

$ 18,000

howler monkey in costa rica

Cabuya Best Deal

Ridiculously cheap - super fire sale in Cabuya

$ 15,000


Cabuya is a remote beach town just south of Montezuma, with several great surf spots, Cabuya Island, Cabo Blanco national park, and a road to Mal Pais.

More Information about Cabuya is here: Cabuya Town Description

Cabuya Properties


Cabuya Fruit Lot

$ 55,000 - Best Deals   Commercial   Lot  

Very nice lot with tropical flowers and fruit trees in the remote fisher village of Cabuya, only 5 min. walk to the center with supermarkets and restaurants and a 10 min. walk to the beach. The lot is mostly...

Ref # : 5-273

Casa 3

Cute Cabuya Home

$ 58,000 - 288 m2 or 0.07 acres - Best Deals   House  

This cute 2 BR 1 BA house is located in the pristine fisher village of Cabuya, only 7 km South of Montezuma and a 20 min. drive to Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. It is completely furnished,...

Ref # : 5-267

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House close to beach

$ 78,000 - 800 m2 or 0.19 acres - Best Deals   House  

This lovely two-bedroom cottage is nestled in the Oceanside village of Cabuya. Surrounded by a beautiful mature tropical garden that hides it from the street making its presence a secret to everyone around. Although it is not...

Ref # : 5-238


Cabuya Round House

$ 80,000 - 772 m2 or 0.19 acres - House  

A cute house with 2 stories within walking distance to the beach. Downstairs: a small kitchen & living area + terrace, bathroom, bodega. Upstairs: one large “round” (hexagonal) bedroom with valuable hardwood ceiling. The house is surrounded...

Ref # : 5-210


Cabo Blanco Ocean View Lot

$ 82,000 - 812 m2 or 0.20 acres - Lot  

Killer oean views to the Pacific shore, Cabuya island and the Cabo Blanco national reserve are guaranteed for this ocean view lot. It is only 5 minutes drive to the village of Cabuya and ocean and 15...

Ref # : 5-261


Cabuya Flat Lot near Beach

$ 95,000 - 1516 m2 or 0.37 acres - Lot  

This a beautiful flat lot only 200 mts from the beach with a mature tropical garden that can supply you with oranges, marañones and a colorful variety of flowers. From a second floor building you can see...

Ref # : 5-240


Cabuya 3-Bedroom House

$ 99,000 - 629 m2 or 0.15 acres - House  

This house is located in Cabuya, only a few min. walk to the local beach and center, and about 7km to Mal Pais and/or Montezuma. The well known national park Cabo Blanco is right around the corner!...

Ref # : 5-236


Lot 500 m to beach

$ 105,000 - 5480 m2 or 1.35 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   Lot  

Flat lot with big private and commercial potential in the pristine fisher village of Cabuya, only 500 m walk to the beach. Cabuya is located on the Southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula and next to the...

Ref # : 5-268


Artist Home close to Beach

$ 105,000 - 600 m2 or 0.15 acres - Best Deals  

Unique and cute 1 BR 2 BA home in the pristine and remote fisher village of Cabuya; this is on the Southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula, 7 km to Montezuma and around 30 min. drive to the...

Ref # : 5-272


Cabuya 2-Story House

$ 109,000 - 600 m2 or 0.15 acres - House  

2-story 1 BR, 1 BA home in the center of Cabuya, yet very quiet and only 5 min. walk to the beaches. The lot is flat and has space for an additional construction. The garden is full...

Ref # : 5-248


House close to the Beach

$ 109,000 - 320 m2 or 0.08 acres - House  

Casa Tranquila is an appealing 52m2 (558ft2), 1-bedroom home with an open floor plan for the living room/kitchen.  It has vaulted ceilings and a spacious 31m2 (333ft2) covered patio overlooking a shaded backyard.  The 320m2 (3438ft2) property is also...

Ref # : 5-269


Cabuya Country House

$ 109,000 - 860 m2 or 0.21 acres - House  

Within a manicured garden you find this comfortable house in Cabuya, only a few minutes walk to the beach and very close to the center. The 2 BR, 1 BA home is a well maintained cement construction...

Ref # : 5-249      SOLD 03/2016