Beach Front House in Malpais

After retirement, where do you want to go? .Is staying in a faraway, calm place, located away from the busy, crowded city on top priority for you? Would you prefer a home with all the basic amenities and comfort and still miles away from the city? Perhaps, in this state of mind, a beach front house at Malpais, Costa Rica will fit your needs best.

Malpais has become one of the most popular cities in Costa Rica. Typical beach front houses in this exotic city are a dream for many. Malpais is a small city in Costa Rica, complete with a beautiful beach, forests, mountains, and blissful landscape. It’s a perfect holiday destination, and has become one of the most favorite destinations for the tourists within a short span of time.

Beach front houses in Malpais offers exposure to the city’s abundant natural beauty. You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset from your windows and bask in the plentiful scenic beauty. Beach front houses in Malpais attract people from all over the world. Watching the surf and the most breathtaking sunsets from the Malpais home is a wonderful pastime and relaxation technique. The beach front houses are completely renovated to ensure total comfort and luxury. They come with a fully furnished kitchen too. Living in a beach front house in Malpais, with all its flora and fauna and beautiful settings, is a dream come true for many.

Malpais means Parcels of God. This beach town offers miles of unspoiled beaches and real estate in Costa Rica. Majority of the buildings in this city are carefully designed to meet the wishes of the future buyer. The readymade homes come with all facilities – a fully equipped kitchen, bath, laundry service, security guard, and even maid and cleaning services.

Malpais, close to the ocean and surrounded by lush green jungle, quality restaurants, national parks, fishing and surfing spots, snorkeling, horse back riding, bird watching, and other activities, is simply heavenly and worth a checking out.

Beach front house in Malpais is a place to relax and chill out. Even the houses located on the main road are surrounded by lush hibiscus fencjngs, providing shade, beauty, and privacy. If you are retiring within a few years, this is high time you buy a beach front house in Malpais. Wish to know more about beach front houses in Malpais, Malpais real estate situation, beach front house rentals, beach front house for sale, and properties in Malpais? Visit us at