Come & know Malpais

The Malpais region in Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places that you will ever visit. Its untouched and unscathed natural beauty mesmerizes all those who visit this little haven by the sea. This little gem of a place by the sea is fast becoming a major tourist attraction and a hotspot for property investment. Many people have bought property here to either settle down to a tranquil life minus stress or use it as a summer beach house. Many people are envisaging a keen interest in Malpais real estate to use it for investment purposes and rent it out during peak tourist season.

Investing in Malpais real estate makes sound business sense as real estate is affordable as compared to beach areas of America and the cost of living is low. It is also easy to acquire property here as the government policies are very relaxed. In fact, for titled properties, the laws are applied equally to Costa Ricans and foreigners who buy properties in Costa Rica. There are many more advantages to buying property in Malpais as compared to other regions in Costa Rica. The mild climate is one added attraction. Even though electricity arrived here only around 10 years ago, rapid development has made it so that there are many modern services, while still maintaining a remote jungle feel.

The prices in other parts of Costa Rica are already sky high and this place is relatively untouched and so offers great value for money. Malpais has become a melting pot of diverse European cultures giving it a more cosmopolitan feel, reflected in its incredible assortment of restaurants serving great food. The natural terrain is such that it prevents mindless and endless construction ensuring higher real estate values. This part of Costa Rica provides great opportunities for surfing, snorkelling and diving. Completely free of pollution, this area has many beautiful waterfalls.

We at Tropisphere have a vast and varied property list to offer to our customers that range from beach front homes, beach house rental to luxury villas and resorts. Malpais and the nearby area of Montezuma have become property investment hotspots in Prime Real Estate of Costa Rica. In terms of Costa Rica Real Estate Rental and Properties in Costa Rica, Malpais is fast becoming a major area of interest with prices expected to touch the sky very soon. Visit the site tropisphere to get more details about property in Malpais, Costa Rica and book your dream house today!