Costa Rica Tambor Real Estate

Costa Rica is a beautiful place to own a home away from your home. This country can offer to you a dream life at a very reasonable price that is difficult to afford in your own country. Here, in Costa Rica you will find every type of home – from simple family homes to villas, to farms, and eco-resorts with fantastic ocean view and beaches. Being comparatively undeveloped, Costa Rican real estate prices are very much affordable to common man presently, but is expected to rise soon. This region has one of the most beautiful beaches, jungles, wildlife view, and waterfalls.

This country is perfect place for artists, musicians, and people with creative mind. Costa Rica has got a number of beautiful towns like Tambor, Santa Teresa, Malpais, Cabuya, and Manzanillo. Out of all these places Tambor is well known for its amazing bay named Bahia Bellena, or the “Whale Bay”. For the last few years, Tambor has become a favorite tourist spot for foreigners. Buying property in this place is indeed a good investment. Tambor has got two 4-star hotels with luxurious 9-hole golf course. The Tambor Airport is just ten minutes away from these resorts. It is the only local airport in the entire Southern Nicoya Peninsula.

Tambor real estate is a strong asset and perfect for people who take pleasure in Country Club Lifestyle. This place has Country Club residential homes and houses. Tambor is also very popular for sailing. The way developments are taking place depicts that the location will soon turn into an international hot spot. Currently, there are thousands of foreigners across the world who has invested in Tambor real estate. Although, there is little government regulation on the real estate industry in Costa Rica, but the Costa Rican rules allow foreigners to own a titled property in their own name and share the same rights as a Costa Rican citizen. A skilled real estate expert will be helpful to you in your purchase of property. One such expert is Tropishpere Real Estate.

Tropisphere sells and rents properties in many regions of Costa Rica. The company works to draw buyers to Costa Rica who cares about environment and the country culture. Get all necessary information on various Costa Rica real estates like Tambor real estate, Malpais real estate, Montezuma real estate, and much more from Tropisphere. Log on to to know about Costa Rica vacation rentals also.