Different Places: One Agency

As a leading Costa Rica Real Estate agency, Tropisphere listings cover a wide range of property in rural inland areas as well as the main townships of Costa Rica. The company provides complete details of all available properties, which help you to invest in the most lucrative prime estates. Needless to say, Tropisphere showcases a spectacular selection of Costa Rica real estates.

A key reason to opt for real estate in Costa Rica is that the tiny country has some of the most straightforward policies in terms of land/title ownership, beachfront title ownership property taxes and the legal process of acquiring property. If you are looking to purchase and then resell property at a profit, you will love the fact that Costa Rica has no capital gains tax. Combine this powerful advantage with the fact that some investors are making as much as 150% to even 300% or more on re-sales.

And if that’s not enough – Costa Rica is a paradise. There are beautiful, out of this world places like Malpais and Montezuma in the country where the climate is mostly mild. It’s cooler and not as dry as the areas farther north, yet drier than the hot, humid and buggy southern areas such as Manuel Antonio and farther south. It’s cleaner and much less rainy than the Caribbean side. There are many beautiful waterfalls in the area, especially on the Montezuma side. The real estate prices in Nosara, Manuel Antonio, and Tamarindo are already sky high and starting to level off, so property rates in Malpais and Montezuma are expected to go up.

Montezuma and Malpais have an incredible assortment of restaurants with great food, including Montezuma’s famous ‘Playa de los Artistas’, considered by many to be the best restaurant in Costa Rica. The terrain in both Montezuma and Malpais has a natural scarcity of building sites; another reason why investing in property now is not a bad idea. While there are online directories that provide details of real estate in the region, Tropisphere is among the foremost specialist agencies dealing with Costa Rica Real Estate.

Strategically located in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, the Costa Rica Real Estate Agency has the facility of clarify all your doubts regarding the prospects of investment in the country. Tropisphere makes sure that it provides all the latest information related to real estate and properties in Costa Rica so that you don’t face any problem.