Luxury now affordable

Luxury does not come with an astronomical price tag anymore. In fact in Costa Rica, luxury real estate has now become very affordable. Be it land for commercial or residential purposes, rental villas or even beach front properties-the price is so affordable that it is attracting investors from far and wide. In most places luxury is often beyond the reach of the common investor. In Costa Rica though it is not the same as fierce competition is still not a feature of Costa Rica’s Real Estates scene. Most importantly the concentration of such luxury properties is evenly spread out between Santa Teresa, Malpais, Playa Hermosa, Montezuma, Tambor and Cabuya.

Costa Rica is slowly acquiring the reputation of a land of promise especially if you are looking for an international real estate investment. High return on investment is guaranteed if you were to invest here and more so if your holding is a luxury one. For most middle class people living in the US, Canada and Europe, the most desirable property markets have become saturated with investors and a growing population. The more posh areas are now well beyond the reach of ordinary people. This is not true of Costa Rica though which has some of the best options on the international real estate market.

Bordered by the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans it has a wonderful and diverse ecosystem and is considered to be one of the best tropical paradise destinations with an incredible climate, comfortable lifestyle along with political stability. Despite the fact that Real Estate in Costa Rica is witnessing a boom, the property prices are still within a reasonable range especially the luxury ones. Many foreigners are not only enjoying Costa Rica as regular vacation destination, but are investing in its real estate and enjoying returns of 20-40% per year especially on luxury villa rentals. Costa Rica’s policy of green buildings to preserve nature is considered to be a path breaking innovation in construction industry.

Most of us would give an arm and a leg to have a piece of luxury property. But in Costa Rica you can own your dream property without having to pay through your nose or compromise on your choice. We at Tropisphere pride ourselves to be the best real estate agency in Costa Rica. Through our extensive research we have located some very reasonably priced luxury properties just for you. So if you are planning to invest in luxury holdings in Costa Rica please visit our website tropisphere to get more information.