Malpais, The Music

If you live here or have visited Costa Rica, then it’s highly probable that you’ve heard of Malpais! I am not talking about the popular beach town on the Nicoya Peninsula, no, I am talking about the world famous Costa Rican band dubbed (in tribute to the beach) ‘Malpais’!

Malpais as a band was born in 1999 and because of their unique fusion of different styles; acid jazz, flamenco, traditional Costa Rican music among many others flavors ,quickly won respect and recognition from the people and industry. Nowadays, they are part of the culture and common language of the Costa Rican people. You can easily test their popularity by asking your tico friends what Malpais sounds like? after saying ‘they are great’ they’d say ‘they sound like ticos’ and then probably start to sing or hum ‘como mañanita fresca con olor a zacate de limon’…”sound great” you understand, but they lose you at “sound like ticos”…the people of Costa Rica are very proud of their boys!

Members of Malpais are: Fidel Gamboa (Vocal leader, guitar, flute, musicial arranger), Jaime Gamboa (bass, chorus, composer), Ivan Rodriguez (violin, mandolin, celtic flutes, chords), Gilberto Jarquin (drums), Carlos ‘Tapao’ Vargas (drums and percusion – He won two Grammy’s as a member of the band Ruben Blades), Daniela Rodriguez (chorus, solos) and Manuel Obregon (piano& keyboard). Manuel Obregon is one important figure when it comes to the state of the music scene these days in Central America, In March last year he was named Minister of Culture, by Laura Chinchilla. Great news for anyone living in Costa Rica and involved in the arts and music world.

The challenge of Obregon as Minister of Culture is to reinforce the national identity through the arts.

We have attached one link to one of my favorites songs by Malpais. Enjoy! (a beautiful song called ‘como un pajaro’)

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Pura Vida!