Ocean View Properties in Costa Rica

Anyone who invested $30,000 almost 30 years ago in the coastal property in California, Hawaii, and some parts of Florida are now reaping approximately $1,000,000 today. As you might know, ocean view properties, nowadays, are very expensive. Investors these days are looking for places where property is cheap and have huge growth potential. Owning a slice of paradise is a dream comes true for many of us who want to spend life well, but if that dream is within our budget, it is god’s grace. This is the reason why Costa Rica properties have become so popular – the cool, calm, sublime seashore properties are still affordable and promise huge returns in future.

Costa Rica is a paradise located in the Central America. It is a small beach country just 3 hours away from USA. It is one place which offers beautiful locales, soothing climate, and warm hospitality. Ocean view properties in Costa Rica carry a lot of potential and anyone buying Costa Rica properties now will be enjoying huge profits in the coming years. And the amazing fact is ocean view properties in Costa Rica are 70% cheaper than in the USA. Isn’t this a fruitful investment?

Costa Rica boasts of a stable and friendly government. Quite naturally, it is drawing huge and growing foreign investment. Gains on the investment in the real estate particularly have been stunning here and this is the reason why more and more investors are attracted to Costa Rica. The growth rate witnessed in Costa Rica properties has been phenomenal. For instance, as hinted earlier, anyone who purchased an ocean view property in Costa Rica for $30,000 almost 15 years ago, have the property valued today at $750,000.

You can find a similar scenario in California, Hawaii, and Florida but the growth isn’t so high as compared to Costa Rica properties. According to a few realtors, this Costa Rica property boom is nothing but a bubble which can burst anytime. However, many other realtors and investors have discarded this thinking and believe the Costa Rica property market will be in such a high until all the Costa Rica properties are sold out. Ocean view properties in Costa Rica are allowing many international investors make triple digit annual gains at a low risk level.

Many American residents today have started buying ocean view properties in Costa Rica as their second home. Particularly, people planning to retire within a decade’s time or planning to set up a holiday home are the major non-business investors here. Costa Rica is a favored city because the cost of living is very low and inexpensive, when compared to USA. The standard of living is quite high and comfortable.

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