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Costa Rica is a small Central American country with an area of roughly 51,000 square kilometers (31,682 square miles). Even so, it is internationally famous and recognized for the diversity and density of its natural resources and for the fabled kindness of its inhabitants. These facts set it apart as an especially attractive destination for foreign tourists who, not incidentally, make far more than a million visits a year. The place has two seasons — a green or rainy season that runs from May to November and a dry season that begins in December and ends in April. The average temperatures range between 70° to 90° F (21° to 32°).

Costa Rican property is emerging and by all means. You are likely to be a pioneer if you get the best deal in rental property in Costa Rica. Costa Rica real estate listings vary from rainforests and mountains to beaches and bays. Some areas have a well-developed infrastructure; others are remote and accessible only by 4WD or boat. Costa Rica real estate listings include a few large towns with unique neighborhoods, and many small rural towns and villages. Each of them has an identity and character of its own, based on the terrain and the people who live there. Interestingly, conveniences and amenities vary widely throughout Costa Rica properties, such as paved or dirt roads, utilities, hospitals, banks, supermarkets and gas stations.

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