Paquera Real Estate

Paquera is still an unexposed jewel of Costa Rica. It is one of the few places where it is still possible to buy a large ocean view farm for an affordable price. At present there are few foreigners living here, and so the typical Costa Rica culture and tradition is still very authentic and undamaged by mass tourism. Paquera has many islands and mountains that are typical to this area. It has got two ferry terminals – one in Paquera itself and one in Naranjo. Both go to Puntarenas. Going Paquera to Puntarenas by car is only about a four-hour drive. One can see beautiful countryside on journey.

Much work has been carried out to give Paquera a new look and it is expected to increase the property prices in the coming years. Still the area is very much affordable and unspoiled. One can find exceptionally good land deals in the area. Paquera is very suitable place to make your dream home. It is a place so close to nature, and away from the pollution and the busy life of cities. Rica real estate business is gradually catching up in this area and has a good future. Investing in Paquera real estate in Costa Rica is a very good option.

Costa Rica is emerging as a next big choice to real estate investors after USA. Real estate markets in the US have topped out, making investing an unattractive option and prices are expected to go down. This will in turn hike the property prices in many areas like Paquera, Tambor, and Malpais. Moreover, Costa Rica has very low crime rate with a stable democratic government. In Costa Rica, there is little regulation of government on the real estate industry. However, foreigners can own a property here and enjoy the same rights as that of a Costa Rican.

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