Cabuya Dreams

Ref # : 5-52 to 61

Location : Cabuya

Price : $ 2,500,000

Land Size : 59 Ha


Types : Development   Ecological   Farm   Lot  

Features : Eco Village   Fruit Trees   Ocean View   River/Creek   Spring  


Water : Spring

Power : Included in Price

Access : Private road

Title : Titled


Status : Available


Real Estate Description

This beautiful listing, just a short drive to the beach in Cabuya, has been subdivided into ten mini-farms from 5-6 Hectares (12-16 acres) each, and tremendous expense has been added to bring in infrastructure.

The farm is one that’s easy to fall in love with because of its topography and views. This is one of the few farms in the area in which the past owners have allowed a generous portion of the land to return to jungle, so throughout the farm it has a raw, exciting feeling, but with large expanses of grass as well, creating great visibility. Much of it is a gradual slope, allowing access to almost every corner, giving it tremendous construction possibilities. From half of the farm, there are ocean views, and from most of the rest, gorgeous mountain views. The farm even includes a few hilltops with 360 degree views! There are huge old trees, a spring, and a river with water flowing throughout the year.

The farm is located on the road between Malpais and Cabuya, a very desirable area that puts you close to a great number of good beaches and surf spots, and within a 15 minute drive of the restaurants of both Montezuma and Malpais. This is an area that’s sure to go up in value.

The entire farm, 59 hectares, is $2.5 million

Offers on individual mini farms will be considered on a case by case basis, contact Tropisphere to inquire about pricing.

  1. Aerial Topographic Survey
  2. Geo Referenced Data has been surveyed that provides a unique accurate 3D model of the entire property.
  3. Hydrological (water) Study has been accomplished (available in English or Spanish) that ensures adequate water supply.
  4. A U.S. Landscape Architect has the 3D model and surveying information for subdivision into 14 individual mini-farms.
  5. A Lawyer has set up 13 corporations that are registered and ready to be conveyed with each sold parcel.
  6. The Lawyer has drawn up documents for Conservationist or Ecological and Sightseeing easements. This includes the ownership and maintenance of roads that could eventually become a PUBLIC ROAD. Easements for Right of Way, Electrical,and Aqueduct are included. This document also creates guidelines for the assurrance of a quality community.
  7. Surveyors have been hired and are in the process of getting individual titles for all parcels submitted and approved by the Costa Rican Government.
  8. Core drilling has been completed, ensuring the adequate and proper installation of the road near the entrance.
  9. Roads, culverts, and bridges have now been built, crossing two rivers inside the property.
  10. They are in the process of installing a high quality gate at the entrance to the property, aiding in the gated community concept.
  11. Iron Front Gate.

Cabuya Real Estate Infrastructure Improvements

Special Deals for Developers!

The owners are also offering a series of special deals for developers interested in buying groups of lots to create their own developments. These deals are:

Package 1

Lots 5 &6 – 118,817 square meters @ $5.40/ sq. meter : $641,500.00

Package 2

Lots 12,13,14 – 169,632 square meters @ $5.85/ sq. meter : $992,000.00

Package 3

Lots 8,9,10,11 – 207,590 square meters @ $7.00/ sq. meter : $1,453,000.00

Further Details

Map of topographical points on the farm: Points Map.

If you’re interested in buying one of these mini-farms, please see below for photos of them. These lots are subdividable, so you will be able to keep the best part for yourself, and sell the others to family, friends, or anyone you want. The water study already done proves that there is ample water so you’ll be able to drill your own well. Most of the lots are already accessible by the high quality gravel roads being built by the owners.

Lot 5: This lot is within 60 meters of the public road, and slopes gently down towards the valley below. It has many large trees, and grassy expanses. This is suitable for developing into many lots. Because it’s near enough to the public road, it could also be used for a hotel or other commercial business.

Cabuya Real Estate for Sale

Cabuya Real Estate for Sale

Lot 6: A very interesting lot which starts at the public road near the top, and slopes down, with ocean views, seen over the road that accesses the rest of the lots, and beautiful valley and mountain views towards the wets.

Real Estate in the Cabuya Area

Lot 7: This lot has great ocean views from on the left side of the access road as it comes down the mountain, with plenty of space to make several beautiful ocean view lots, and more lots below. There’s room for horses, vegetable gardens, and a wild jungle area also.

Cabuya Real Estate with Ocean Views

Lot 8: This gorgeous lot has an amazing 360 degree hilltop with a huge space to build on top, plus plenty of other land for other houses or subdivision.

Cabuya Properties

Cabuya Properties

Lot 9: One of the best values, this property has several ocean view building sites at the top, and two river valleys on both sides, making it also one of the most private of the lots. The rivers here run all year around, and are lined with giant Espavel trees.

Cabuya Properties

Lot 10: This lot has the highest part of the farm, with incredible views of the hills below and ocean in the distance. Backed by jungle, and with a year-round river running through it, this is an eco-paradise.

Cabuya/Montezuma/Malpais Real Estate

Cabuya/Montezuma/Malpais Real Estate

Lot 11: Lot 11 has the best view in the entire farm, with an incredible hilltop that offers 360-degree views of the area. It has plenty of space for additional lots or houses, plus jungle and farm areas.

Cabuya/Montezuma/Malpais Real Estate

Cabuya/Montezuma/Malpais Real Estate

Cabuya/Montezuma/Malpais Real Estate

Lot 12: Lot 12 is one of the two most private lots, with deep valleys on both sides. The top has several ocean view building sites, with panoramic views of the area, and large trees.

Ocean View Lots in Cabuya, Costa Rica

Lot 13: This is a long ridge with room on both sides of the access road to segregate many lots, or create a spectacular family farm.

Cabuya/Montezuma/Malpais Real Estate

Lot 14: One of the most impressive lots despite its lower altitude, lot 14 has a gentle slope all the way to the top, with huge trees throughout. Ideal for a mini-development, or an extensive family ranch.

Cabuya/Montezuma/Malpais Real Estate

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