Montezuma Café/Restaurant

Ref # : 2-287

Location : Montezuma

Price : $ 35,000 Sold

Land Size :


Types :

Features :



Status : Sold

Date Sold : 09/01/2010


Real Estate Description

Fulfill your dream of living and working in Paradise. Unique opportunity to purchase a one of a kind restaurant in Montezuma Costa Rica.

Currently the only commercial space available in the downtown area. This Café is a restaurant that uses primarily local and natural ingredients, and where almost everything is made from scratch including our breads and some of our cheese.

The offer items that can’t be found anywhere else on the Peninsula, such as Homemade Bagels and Doughnuts.

The restaurant is currently open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has an amazing reputation among locals and tourists alike.

While it is a Café Bakery during the day, the Café transforms in to a Tapas Lounge and Hookah bar at night.

This is an amazing opportunity for the right buyer. With hard work and dedication could easily be the number one restaurant in Montezuma.

Expected to be reviewed in the upcoming addition of The Lonely Planet. The Café does food right, and the current owners will be happy to train the buyers if needed/wanted (artisan bread making, cheese making). Will also introduce you to all suppliers. Includes all permits, taxes, insurance, bank account, corporation ect, so you won’t have to navigate the red tape of Costa Rica’s permit process.


  • Cement bench
  • 6 cement/wood tables
  • 10 Stools
  • 1 ceiling fan
  • 5 napkin holders
  • 3 hookahs and Hookah Tobacco to get you started
  • 35 sets silverware
  • 1 dry erase board
  • 1 GE refrigerators
  • 1 Coffee maker
  • 1 AirPot (Coffee Thermos)
  • 6 burner stove/oven (MABE Brand)
  • 1 small aluminum roll table/basket
  • 1 large aluminum stationary table
  • 1 two basket deep fryer
  • 1 food processor
  • 1 6 tier shelving unit
  • 2 2 tier shelving units
  • 1 waffle maker
  • 1 Panini toaster
  • 1 ice cream maker
  • 1 Kitchen Aid blender
  • 1 Cuisinart Toaster Oven
  • 14 square ceramic plates
  • 14 plastic dinner plates
  • 19 plastic salad plates
  • 9 plastic soup bowls
  • ceramic ramekins
  • espresso cup and saucer sets
  • 11 sauté pans
  • 15 ceramic coffee mugs
  • Assorted spatulas, tongs and cooking accessories like measuring cups ect.
  • Rolling Pin
  • Sheet trays
  • Digital Food Scale
  • Chest Freezer
  • Recipe Book

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