Playa de Dios Beachfront Playa Carmen

Ref # : 8-140

Location : Playa Carmen

Price : $ 1,580,000 Sold

Land Size : 17590 m2


Types : Beachfront   Commercial   Lot  

Features : River/Creek   Walking Distance to the Beach   Well  


Water : Has Own Well

Power : Public

Access : Beach Access Road

Title : Concession since 2007


Status : Sold

Date Sold : 01/04/2017


Playa Carmen beachfront for sale

Real Estate Description

This phenomenal parcel is currently the best and largest beachfront property for sale in the area at an affordable price.

It’s 1.7590 hectares, which is 4.34 acres.

It has a perfect location, right in front of a really great surf spot (Playa Carmen) and centrally located near to some of the area’s best restaurants, the bank and pharmacy, and our favorite grocery store, Super Ronny.

The property has three zones:

    • ZRR1: Residencial/Recreation: 11,491 m2


    • ZPQ: Quebrada Protection Zone: 2986 m2


    ZPF: Forest Protection Zone: 3113 m2

With its own registered well, and favorably zoned to give many options (ZRR / Zona Residencial Recreativa) you will be able to build almost anything you’d like here, such as multiple rental homes, beachfront villas, or a single beachfront mansion. The buildable zone is registered for up to 60% construction coverage.

One of the best business models we would recommend for this property is to build two or three luxury beachfront villas. Such houses go for $1000 per night here in the area and are highly sought after. If your design is what people are looking for (tropical exotic bliss) then they will be nearly fully booked all year. With ten years experience in rentals, Tropisphere can advise you on how to maximize your occupancy rates. With a setup like this, your project will be easy to manage, highly profitable, and appreciate in value over time.

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