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Costa Rica is known as Switzerland of Central America providing beautiful locales, blue beaches, towering mountains, and splendid scenery. This is one place which has got the lowest crime rate with a stable government and warm hospitality. And all these reasons contribute to make rental property in Costa Rica popular. Many people, nowadays, are turning towards Costa Rica for buying or renting properties, as property prices here are not very high. Thus, for buying Costa Rican property you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars.

In recent times, rental property in Costa Rica has gained a lot of popularity and now it remains popular among many investors worldwide. Various investors located in different countries are turning their attention to Costa Rican market including Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras. All these places are emerging markets and carry a lot of potential and growth. It won’t be wrong to say that rental property in Costa Rica offers the best risk reward and you can still make triple digit gains, here’s why.

  • Costa Rica is a mature and stable market: It has been seen that many investors like markets that are either emerging or merging. This gives them exposure to the hot spots or hot properties. And Costa Rican property is emerging and by all means you will be a pioneer if you get the best deal in rental property in Costa Rica.
  • Costa Rican community: It is true that community plays a vital role in booming the real estate market. If a community develops so does the infrastructure and equally provides all the comforts at home, attracting more investment.
  • Location: The biggest advantage rental property in Costa Rica has is its location. Majority of the Costa Rican properties are located amidst the best and attractive locations. Above all it also boasts a soothing weather. That’s why Costa Rica is the best place to retire or for vacations. And investing in this scenario will only confirm future benefits.
  • Excellent rental income: Costa Rica has been backed by excellent rental income. This is the place where you can get a great second rental income and this is a rare scene.
  • Laws: Investment in rental property in Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to enjoy the equal rights as residents, an easy buying process and tax advantages.

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