Below you can see a list of properties that have been sold. Not all of these were sold by Tropisphere.

The prices shown here are what the asking price was at the time of sale. We either don’t know, or wouldn’t publish, the actual sales price. Selling prices in Costa Rica are not public knowledge like they would be in the U.S. which makes appraising properties in this country very difficult for the appraisers, since they have no public references to go by.

If you’re doing research in property values in our area, you should find this list very helpful. Keep in mind that after the worldwide financial crash, property values dropped significantly.

Mango Tree Lot

$ 35,000 - 5´000 m2 or 1.23 acres - Best Deals   Lot  

Lots of privacy in the backlands of Montezuma, yet close to the village and the beaches (10 min drive). This charming property features flat and steeper parts with a path winding into the jungle and down to...

Ref # : 2-376      SOLD 02/2021

Business Opportunity

$ 125,000 - 1093 m2 or 0.27 acres - Best Deals   Commercial  

Opportunity to take over this mecanic workshop or create your own business on the Southern Nicoya peninsula, just outside Cobano and only a few km drive to the pristine beaches and village of Montezuma. This property is...

Ref # : 1-271      SOLD 02/2021

Two Ocean View Houses

$ 695,000 - 6'209 m2 or 1.53 acres - Condos & Gated   Ecological   House   Luxury  

Located on the Southern Nicoya peninsula, there is this great opportunity to purchase 2 income generating homes in Santa Teresa. The property is beautiful, secure and has gorgeous ocean views. It is the perfect property for homeowners...

Ref # : 8-575      SOLD 01/2021

Beachfront Home

$ 695,000 - 4'000 m2 or 0.98 acres - Beachfront   House   walking distance to the beach  

This beachfront property for sale is located at one of the best white sand beaches in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, with epic surf right in front. The beach in front is white sand and has excellent surfing....

Ref # : 8-345      SOLD 12/2020

Best Ocean View House

$ 495,000 - 437 m2 or 0.1 acres - Commercial   House   Luxury   walking distance to the beach  

The best location + ocean view around! This thoughtfully designed modern home is perched on a hillside just above the white sands of Santa Teresa. In only a two minute drive or 5 minute walk (up or...

Ref # : 8-571      SOLD 10/2020

New House Santa Teresa

$ 485,000 - 360 m2 or 0.09 acres - Commercial   House   Luxury   walking distance to the beach  

Gorgeous Two Bedroom House in Central Santa Teresa, on the Southern Nicoya peninsula. This newly built home is gorgeous and a perfect place to live full time or have a successful vacation rental business. Located in the...

Ref # : 8-573      SOLD 04/2020

2 BR Home Secret Garden

$ 65,000 - 800 m2 or 0.19 acres - House   walking distance to the beach  

This two-bedroom cottage is nestled in the oceanside village of Cabuya. Surrounded by a beautiful mature tropical garden that hides it from the street making its presence a secret to everyone around. Although it is not a...

Ref # : 5-238      SOLD 03/2020

2 BR 1 BA Home

$ 160,000 - 4000 m2 or 0.98 acres - House  

This house for sale is located in the mountains of Montezuma, in the little community of Delicias, only 3 km drive to the pristine beaches and Montezuma village. It is very new and comes fully furnished. The...

Ref # : 3-391      SOLD 03/2020

3 BR Ocean Breeze House

$ 220,000 - 2000 m2 or 0.49 acres - Commercial   House  

This house for sale is located in the mountains of Montezuma, in the little community of Delicias, only 3 km drive to the pristine beaches and Montezuma village. There is a constant breeze and nice second story...

Ref # : 3-392      SOLD 03/2020

Villa Blue

$ 339,000 - 8600 m2 or 2.12 acres - Commercial   Condos & Gated   House  

Solid concrete block  house with 3 BR and 3 BA, a only minutes drive to Montezuma village and the beaches. This home features spacious bedrooms with luxury bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, spacious terrace with pool and...

Ref # : 2-241      SOLD 03/2020

Beautiful home with pool

$ 175,000 - 2013 m2 or 0.49 acres - House  

This beautiful 2 BR  BA house fully furnished is located in the quiet neighborhood of Cabuya, 1 km from Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve and 15 min drive to Montezuma bohemian town and the famous waves of Malpais...

Ref # : 5-277      SOLD 03/2020

Cabuya Round House

$ 59,000 - 772 m2 or 0.19 acres - Best Deals   House   walking distance to the beach  

A cute house with 2 stories within walking distance to the beach. Downstairs: a small kitchen & living area + terrace, bathroom, bodega. Upstairs: one large “round” (hexagonal) bedroom with valuable hardwood ceiling. The house is surrounded...

Ref # : 5-210      SOLD 10/2019

Monte Lot

$ 15,000 - 241 m2 or 0.06 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   Lot  

This is one of our best deals in the area! Titled lot, along the public road, 3 min. drive to Montezuma and the beaches. Perfect to do your little home in paradise, build a vacation rental home...

Ref # : 2-365      SOLD 09/2019

Luxury Mansion, Organic Garden, Ocean Views

$ 800,000 - 51,4 ha or 128 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   Development   Ecological   Farm   House   Lumber  

Your very own Mountain Paradise in the heart of the Blue Zone in the Nicoya Peninsula. 52-hectares (129 acres) of pristine land, 20 minutes outside the city of Nicoya, 10 minutes from the pretty town of Hojancha,...

Ref # : 16-298      SOLD 08/2019

Montezuma Luxury Ocean View Hotel

$ 1,500,000 - 53'189 m2 or 12.3 acres - Commercial   Ecological   Hotel   House   Luxury  

This beautiful hotel is a little paradise, nestled in the backlands of Montezuma, only 5 min. drive to the pristine beaches and Montezuma center. The nature lodge is a complex of several little houses, built within beautiful...

Ref # : 2-330      SOLD 08/2019

Luxury Rental Home

$ 350,000 - 3189 m2 or 0.78 acres - Commercial   House   Luxury  

Beautiful modern 2 BR 2 BA home, nestled in the hills of Montezuma and only 5 min. drive to the pristine beaches. The 2 BR 2 BA modern house has all the comfort you can imagin. The...

Ref # : 2-331      SOLD 08/2019

Casa Tranquilo Cabuya

$ 225,000 - 869 m2 or 0.21 acres - Commercial   House   walking distance to the beach  

Casa Tranquilo features three large bedrooms, three bathrooms with artisan concrete work, a beautiful fully equipped kitchen and spacious terrace with dining and living area. The garden surrounding hosts many tropical palm and fruit trees and a...

Ref # : 5-294      SOLD 06/2019

Killer Ocean View Lot

$ 196,000 - 1512 m2 or 0.37 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   Lot  

This lot located in the heart of Santa Teresa is only a few minutes walk to the pristine surfing beaches. It is titled and offers: big buildable space 270 degree protected ocean views, one of the best...

Ref # : 8-5      SOLD 06/2019

2 Beachfront Houses Cabuya

$ 175,000 - 1179 m2 or 0.29 acres - Beachfront   Commercial   Ecological   House  

These 2 beachfront vacation rental homes are located on the beach by the small fishing village of Cabuya, only 7 km South of the village of Montezuma and 7 km East of Mal Pais. They are designed...

Ref # : 5-265      SOLD 06/2019

Blue Ocean View

$ 350,000 - 10´800 m2 or 2.66 acres - Commercial   Lot  

Wow, incredible whitewater and northern coastal views from a mountaintop lot above the Buenos Aires hotel, only a few minutes to the famous surf beach of Santa Teresa. This property is titled and located on a public...

Ref # : 8-343      SOLD 06/2019

B&B Santa Teresa

$ 550,000 - 750 m2 or 0.19 acres - Commercial   Hotel   House  

Perfectly located B&B in Santa Teresa, only a few min. walk to great surfing beaches. This is a turn-key rental business with three 1 BR 1 BA homes and a main 2,5 BR 2 BA house. The...

Ref # : 8-556      SOLD 05/2019

Private Heaven

$ 195,000 - 24393 m2 or 6 acres - Ecological   Farm  

This very private property with several ocean view platforms is located in the hills of Montezuma, close to the little village of Delicias, just 10 min. drive to the beach and amenities. The property borders a creek...

Ref # : 3-411      SOLD 04/2019

Ocean View Bungalows

$ 199,000 - 5'025 m2 or 1.24 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   House  

Perched in the hills of Montezuma is this panoramic ocean view property with 2 bungalows made of specially treated pine wood. Both units feature 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and terrace with nice ocean view. The first...

Ref # : 3-383      SOLD 04/2019

Ocean view Homes Montezuma

$ 170,000 - 1684 m2 or 0.41 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   House  

Three 2 story houses, located very conveniently, only 2 minutes drive away from Montezuma village and its pristine beaches. Each home features 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, kitchen and living room, and outside space. Construction is made of...

Ref # : 2-280      SOLD 03/2019

Mini Resort Cabuya

$ 375,000 - 4´000 m2 or 0.98 acres - Commercial   House  

This is a former retreat center on 4,000 square meters of tropical paradise, would make beautiful spacious home or spectacular bed and breakfast style retreat. The Casa: Four large bedrooms (three with air conditioning) , three gorgeous...

Ref # : 5-280      SOLD 02/2019

Turn-key Rental Business Santa Teresa

$ 560,000 - 646 m2 or 0.16 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   Hotel  

This commercial property with a 2-story cement construction is located at one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica, Santa Teresa Beach, and only a few min. walking to the beach with best surfing. There are...

Ref # : 8-475      SOLD 02/2019

Health Center for Sale

Buddha Lounge Healing Center

$ 159,000 - 2691 m2 - Best Deals   Commercial   Ecological   House  

This amazing healing center is for sale for a great price. The value of the construction, furniture, and equipment is far more than the price, not even including the land itself. The owner lives in San Jose...

Ref # : 4-268      SOLD 01/2019

Elegant Jungle Home

$ 380,000 - 5'307 m2 or 1.3 acres - House  

Beautiful jungle property waiting for the right family to enjoy the jungle, just minutes from the beach. This property consists of a 2 BR 2 BA house and 1 BR 1 BA guest home.

Ref # : 3-417      SOLD 01/2019

Lot 400m to beach

$ 90,000 - 5480 m2 or 1.35 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   Lot  

Flat lot with big private and commercial potential in the pristine fisher village of Cabuya, only 400 m walk to the beach. Cabuya is located on the Southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula and next to the...

Ref # : 5-268      SOLD 12/2018

Delicias Mountain View Lot

$ 85,000 - 1.3 ha or 3.21 acres - Lot  

Quiet Mountain view lot in the hills of Montezuma, just 5-10 min. drive to Montezuma village and pristine beaches. The topography of the land is perfect for building and it is surrounded by old trees, wildlife, a year-round...

Ref # : 3-349      SOLD 09/2018

Turnkey Business in the Heart of Mal Pais

$ 1,500,000 - 4 620 m2 or 1.14 acres - Commercial   Hotel  

This turnkey business is located in the heart of Mal Pais, only a few min. walk to the pristine surfing beaches and to the center of the village. The property is titled and completely landscaped. The hotel...

Ref # : 7-202      SOLD 09/2018

Malpais Hotel w/Pool

$ 695,000 - 2144 m2 or 0.53 acres - Commercial   Hotel  

Small boutique hotel near the crossroads of Malpais and Santa Teresa on titled land and just minutes walk to the pristine surfing beaches. This well maintainted turn-key business features: — Two bungalows with 1 BR, 1 BA...

Ref # : 7-32      SOLD 08/2018

Casa El Pajaro

$ 350,000 - 785 m2 or 0.19 acres - Commercial   House   walking distance to the beach  

Finished in January 2018, this 1 BR, 1 BA house is very well designed with lots of lights and breezes. The foundation is made of concrete and steel, while decks are made of tropical hardwood and treated...

Ref # : 8-570      SOLD 07/2018

Mountain View Lot

$ 45,000 - 5009 m2 or 1.23 acres - Best Deals   Lot  

Lots of privacy in the backlands of Montezuma, yet close to the village and the beaches (10 min drive). The property is flat and on one side bordered by a jungly creek which is inhabited by many...

Ref # : 2-220      SOLD 06/2018

Amazing ocean view deal!!!

$ 130,000 - 2000 m2  - Best Deals   Commercial   Lot   Rock Star Properties  

Only a few minutes from the beautiful beaches of Montezuma and its pristine village you find this stunning ocean view lot with an ample building space surrounded by beautiful gardens and a breath-taking ocean view. Build your...

Ref # : 3-384      SOLD 05/2018

Killer Ocean View Lot

$ 399,000 - 5749 m2 or 1.42 acres - Lot  

This is one of the best ocean views in the area, yet the lot is only 5 min. drive to the center of Mal Pais/Santa Teresa and the pristine surfing beaches. The lot is titled, located on...

Ref # : 8-495      SOLD 04/2018

2 BR 1 BA House Montezuma

$ 138,000 - 1´075 m2 or 0.27 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   House  

Perched in the hills of Montezuma and only 5 minutes drive to Montezuma village and beaches, you can find this cute 2 BR 1 BA house. The drive to Mal Pais/Santa Teresa with its famous pristine surfing...

Ref # : 3-414      SOLD 04/2018

Casa Port Prince

$ 159,000 - 900 m2 or 0.22 acres - Best Deals   House  

Port Prince is a wooden house. surrounded by nature and quiet, but still only 700m to the beach and less to the center of the picturesque village of Cabuya. The first floor features the living room with...

Ref # : 5-229      SOLD 03/2018

Lot 5 min. to beach

$ 44,000 - 1015 m2 or 0.25 acres - Best Deals   Lot  

This beautiful property, surrounded by huge trees, is located in a small valley of the Montezuma hills, only five minutes away from the Montezuma waterfalls and beaches. The property offers a big construction area , two chamber septic...

Ref # : 3-352      SOLD 03/2018

Casa Pura Paraiso

$ 175,000 - 10830 m2 or 2.67 acres - Best Deals   House  

Beautiful and solid constructed 2 BR 1 BA home in the backlands of Montezuma, in a quiet and private area that feels like in paradise, yet only a few minutes drive to Montezuma village and the pristine...

Ref # : 2-360      SOLD 02/2018

Luxury Beachfront Bungalows

$ 2,900,000 - 12´102 m2 or 3 acres  - Beachfront   Commercial   Hotel   Luxury   Rock Star Properties  

Unforgettable sunsets, emerald waves and towering almond trees meet the white sands of your pristine beachfront yard. It is in such an environment that the senses awake and dreams become real. Loose yourself in the tropical surroundings...

Ref # : 8-9      SOLD 02/2018

Ocean View Villa Santa Teresa

$ 825,000 - 7627 m2 or 1,88 acres - House   Luxury  

This 3 BR 3 BA luxury villa is located 5 minutes drive up the hills in Santa Teresa, on the Southern peninsula of Nicoya. It has stunning ocean views and tropical modern style combining the nature indoor....

Ref # : 8-390      SOLD 01/2018

Ocean View House

$ 300,000 - 5414 m2 or 1.33 acres - Best Deals   House  

Kudos go to the architect, from San Jose, because this house design is very beautiful and elegant. The house backs up to a jungle-filled river gorge, and in front is a panoramic ocean view, which is better...

Ref # : 3-219      SOLD 12/2017

Organic Farm with House

$ 290,000 - 37305 m2 or 9.21 acres - Ecological   Farm   House  

This farm is one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica, located on the Southern Nicoya peninsula and only 10 min. drive to the beaches of Tambor. It is year round accesible, private, safe and has...

Ref # : 13-249      SOLD 11/2017

Hermosa Ocean View

$ 125,000 - 1000 m2 or 0.247 acres - Commercial   Lot  

Titled property located very close to the famous surfing beach of Pl. Hermosa, North of Santa Teresa, only a few min. walk to the beach and with nice ocean views. Perfect for your private home or even...

Ref # : 9-49      SOLD 11/2017

Ocean View lot close to the beach!

$ 130,000 - 1000 m2 or 0.24 acres - Commercial   Lot  

This corner lot on a public road, it’s perfect for commercial purpose, residential and/or vacation rental. Enjoy the pura vida life in this mountain lot with great ocean views to the famous Playa Hermosa and walk your...

Ref # : 9-90      SOLD 11/2017

Delicias Best Deal

$ 45,000 - 6899 m2 (1.7 acres) - Lot  

This property is a beautiful Hillside centrally located in the area of Delicias, which is in the Heart of the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. Enter your property through a private 200 yard driveway, slowly wind through the Jungle,...

Ref # : 3-320      SOLD 10/2017

Relaxing Home Montezuma

$ 235,000 - 5495 - Condos & Gated   House  

This beautiful solid constructed house has been built by an experienced builder and is located only 2 km North of Montezuma and the pristine beaches. It is in a quiet neighbourhood, surrounded by nature and with a...

Ref # : 2-326      SOLD 09/2017

New 3BR 2BA home

$ 265,000 - 2546 m2 or 0.63 acres - House  

Beautiful new 3 BR 2 BA home, only 5 min drive to Montezuma and it’s pristine beaches. Located in a quiet area, yet close to everything, this totally furnished house comes ready to move in or use...

Ref # : 2-351      SOLD 08/2017

3 BR Home Montezuma

$ 299,000 - 4630 m2 or 1,15 acres - Commercial   House   Rock Star Properties  

Beautiful solid 3 BR, 2 BA home 300 m from Montezuma village and the beach and with a terrific ocean view. This is a one-of-a-kind property, unique due to its proximity to the beach, extraordinary ocean view,...

Ref # : 2-353      SOLD 07/2017

Playa Cedros Paradise

$ 289,000 - 5000 - House  

A great deal on a beautiful well-built house overlooking the amazing Playa Los Cedros. The house has a wonderful indoor/outdoor kitchen and dining area, that’s built with tropical living in mind. More houses should be built this...

Ref # : 3-402      SOLD 05/2017

2 BR Home Santa Teresa

$ 180,000 - 200m2 or 0.05 acres - Commercial   House  

This home is located only 200 meters walking distance from one of the nicest surfing beaches in the upcoming and famous area of Mal Pais / Santa Teresa, in the Southern part of the Nicoya peninsula. The...

Ref # : 8-514      SOLD 05/2017

House close to Pl. Hermosa

$ 109,000 - 2257 m2 or 0.55 acres - Best Deals   House  

Cute 2 bedroom home in Santiago, which is a ten minute drive to beautiful Playa Hermosa, and 12 minutes to the beaches of Playa Carmen. The lot has space to add a guest house and is titled.

Ref # : 6-135      SOLD 05/2017

2 BR Ocean View Home

$ 129,000 - 803 m2 or 0.198 acres - Best Deals   House  

Modern and stylish home with 2 BR and 2 BA, terrace and ocean view. This nice house is located very close to Montezuma and the beaches, yet in a quiet area with wildlife and views. It is...

Ref # : 2-352      SOLD 04/2017

Playa Hermosa Lot

$ 129,000 - 623 m2  - House   Lot  

This property is located North of Santa Teresa, only min. walk to the beautiful surfing beach of Playa Hermosa. There is a little and simple 2 BR house on the property, which comes with water rights from...

Ref # : 9-45      SOLD 03/2017

Montezuma 2-Bedroom House and Apartment

$ 72,000 - 1274 m2 0.31 acres - Best Deals   House  

This Montezuma house has 2 BR, 1 BA and one 1BR, 1BA apartment on a beautiful lot with more space for construction. The area is a very quiet, yet located only 5 min. drive to the pristine...

Ref # : 2-322      SOLD 02/2017

2 Cabins Montezuma

$ 69,000 - 5275 m2 or 1.3 acres - Commercial   Condos & Gated   House  

This property is located around 5 km and 10 min. drive from Montezuma beach and the pristine village. It is easy accessable all year round, yet in a very quiet and private area with big trees and...

Ref # : 2-342      SOLD 02/2017

Santa Teresa 2 BR Home close to Beach

$ 220,000 - 400 m2 or 0.098 acres - House  

This amazing home with spacious terrace, 2 BR, 1 BA, modern kitchen and nice details is located just a few minutes walk to the pristine surfing beaches of Santa Teresa and the center. There is a manicured...

Ref # : 8-454      SOLD 01/2017

Great Montezuma House

$ 89,000 - 1462 m2 or 0.36 acres - Ecological   House  

This new and cute home is located around 5 km North of Montezuma and the pristine beaches, surrounded by trees and wildlife; it is only a 5-7 min. drive to Montezuma andthe beach. There is a living...

Ref # : 2-341      SOLD 01/2017

Playa Carmen beachfront for sale

Playa de Dios Beachfront Playa Carmen

$ 1,580,000 - 17590 m2 - Beachfront   Commercial   Lot  

This phenomenal parcel is currently the best and largest beachfront property for sale in the area at an affordable price. It’s 1.7590 hectares, which is 4.34 acres. It has a perfect location, right in front of a...

Ref # : 8-140      SOLD 01/2017

Amazing deal!

$ 280,000 - 8809 m2 or 2.17 acres - Commercial   Lot  

Great ocean view lot in the most desired area of the trendy Playa Hermosa village. The property has 2 flat plantels, one with nice mountain view and a little of ocean view as well and, a second...

Ref # : 9-89      SOLD 01/2017

Beautiful ocean view property in Costa Rica for sale

Ocean View Lot Santa Teresa

$ 250,000 - 6740 m2 or 1.66 acres - Lot  

This titled ocean view lot is located at the Northern end of Santa Teresa, only a few minutes drive to the pristine white sand surfing beaches of north Santa Teresa. It has very good ocean views and...

Ref # : 8-417      SOLD 12/2016

Walk to the beach - three houses for sale in Costa Rica

3 Houses close to Beach

$ 230,000 - 562 m2 or 0.138 acres - Commercial   House  

Good deal and income producing property! These three 2 BR, 1 BA houses are located a few minutes walk to the pristine surfing beaches of Santa Teresa and very close to the center with groceries, restaurants, souvenir...

Ref # : 8-465      SOLD 12/2016

Pl. Hermosa House

$ 425,000 - 1007 m2 or 0.25 acres - Commercial   House   Lot  

Beautiful 2 BR 2 BA home in the heart of Playa Hermosa, Southern Nicoya Peninsula, just steps from the pristine surfing beaches and a few minutes drive to the famous surfer village of Santa Teresa. This is...

Ref # : 9-84      SOLD 09/2016

Cute Cabuya Home

$ 58,000 - 288 m2 or 0.07 acres - House  

This cute 2 BR 1 BA house is located in the pristine fisher village of Cabuya, only 7 km South of Montezuma and a 20 min. drive to Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. It is completely furnished,...

Ref # : 5-267      SOLD 06/2016

Heavenly Waterfall Gardens

$ 395,000 - 18.6 ha or 46 acres - Best Deals   Ecological   Farm  

Heavenly Waterfalls Gardens  is truly one of the most remarkable locations on this earth.  When a person is down at the area where the two rivers converge there is a feeling that you are at a divine spot....

Ref # : 21-14      SOLD 05/2016

Lodge close to Santa Teresa

$ 320,000 - 1755 m2 or 0.43 acres - Commercial   Hotel  

Small bed and breakfast lodge with restaurant area, well sized pool and all permits up to date. This rental business is located on a public road in San Isidro, around 10 min. drive to Mal Pais/Santa Teresa...

Ref # : 4-245      SOLD 05/2016

Pochote Estate Beachfront

$ 880,000 - 10669 - Beachfront   Best Deals   Lot  

This is currently by far the best beachfront property we have for sale, with a very reasonable price. It’s also the best beachfront property available, at least at the moment I’m writing this. It has what everyone...

Ref # : 8-369      SOLD 05/2016

Eagle Eyes View

$ 650,000 - 7750 m2 or 1.91 acres - Commercial   Lot  

This property is the one of the most beautiful ones left for sale in the area of Santa Teresa: it is so close to the ocean, so you can even see the waves and surfers in the...

Ref # : 8-452      SOLD 05/2016

Spectacular Sunset Lot

$ 135,000 - 16833 m2 or 4.69 acres - Best Deals   Lot  

This lot has a spectacular sunset, jungle view overlooking 150 hectares of conservation land, 3 fresh water springs, hundreds of fruit trees and a well built trail to its very own swimming hole.   Already fruiting are...

Ref # : 3-401      SOLD 04/2016

2 BR Home Santa Teresa

$ 180,000 - 200 m2 or 0.05 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   House  

This home is located only 200 meters walking distance from one of the nicest surfing beaches (at the Banana Beach surf spot) in the upcoming and famous area of Mal Pais / Santa Teresa, in the Southern...

Ref # : 8-515      SOLD 04/2016

Ready to build Lot Montezuma

$ 55,000 -  7964 m2 or 1.96 acres - Lot  

This flat lot is located in a quiet neighbourhood in Delicias/Montezuma on a private road, surrounded by wildlife and only a few kilometers to Montezuma and its pristine beaches. It is titled, has a good access and...

Ref # : 3-348      SOLD 03/2016

Lot away from it all

$ 50,000 - 5000 m2 or 1.23 acres - Lot  

Beautiful lot with mature Guanacaste tree, away from the dust and noise and inmidst nature and wildlife. It features a perfect building platform with breezes and mountain view, plus there are teak trees on the side of the...

Ref # : 3-239      SOLD 03/2016

Oceanview Cabins Santa Teresa

$ 295,000 - 5000 m2 or 1.23 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   House  

Beautiful gardens and a pristine jungle surround these 3 cute and well maintained cabins with tremendous ocean views. Eeach unit features 1 BR, open kitchen, 1 BA, terrace and they are located only 3 min. walk to...

Ref # : 8-490      SOLD 03/2016

Casa de Rey Santa Teresa

$ 192,000 - 787 m2 or 0.19 acres - Best Deals   House  

A charming solid 2 BR 2 BA home in the Northern end of Santa Teresa, just 1 minute to the pristine surfing beaches. The main part of the house consists of 1 BR 1 BA, salon with...

Ref # : 8-432      SOLD 03/2016

Los Delfines Tropical Villa

$ 150,000 - 500 m2 or 0.12 acres - Best Deals   Condos & Gated   House  

Don’t miss this magnificent villa is located inside the peaceful and secure community of Los Delfines Golf & Country Club, a beach front and golf residential, 5 minutes from the town of Tambor and the local airport....

Ref # : 14-323      SOLD 03/2016

Two Apartments Home

$ 258,000 - 2944 m2  - Commercial   House  

Surrounded by old trees and green you find this 2-story concrete building that can serve for your own private home in paradise or as two vacation rentals. Within 3 min. walk you can get to the beach,...

Ref # : 8-485      SOLD 03/2016

Elegant Ocean View Studio

$ 210,000 - 5300 m2 or 1.3 acres - Best Deals   Condos & Gated   House  

The Elegant Ocean View Studio is located in the hills of Mal Pais and Delicias and only a short drive to either the pristine surfing beaches of Mal Pais/Santa Teresa or the snorkling and swimming beaches of...

Ref # : 4-247      SOLD 03/2016

Beach at 80 m

Small Beach Lot Santa Teresa

$ 255,000 - 1474 m2 or 0.36 acres - Beachfront   Lot  

A true gem and one of the few small beachfront lots in Santa Teresa with valid concession, and the only one for sale. This lot isn’t technically true beachfront because it’s one lot back from the front....

Ref # : 8-512      SOLD 02/2016

Santa Teresa 4 BR House

$ 265,000 - 369 m2 or 0.091 acres - Best Deals   Condos & Gated   House  

This beautiful family or vacation rental home is located 200 meters from the beautiful surfing beaches of Santa Teresa and in walking distance to the center of Mal Pais/Santa Teresa, with restaurants, shops and of course the...

Ref # : 8-482      SOLD 02/2016

Elegant Ocean View Home

$ 325,000 - 7300 m2 or 1.8 acres - Best Deals   Condos & Gated   House  

The Elegant Ocean View Home is an archtectural masterpiece, located in the hills of Mal Pais and Delicias and only a short drive to either the pristine surfing beaches of Mal Pais/Santa Teresa or the snorkling and...

Ref # : 4-246      SOLD 02/2016

Ocean View Farm/Finca

$ 99,000 - 25674 m2 or 6.34 acres - Best Deals   Ecological   Farm   Lot  

A great ocean finca, only a few kilometers from Montezuma beach, but completely hidden in nature with cool breezes and peace. There are many big trees and an orchard. The water pipes for municipal water run to...

Ref # : 2-255      SOLD 01/2016

Best Ocean View I Santa Teresa

$ 420,000 - 9351 m2 or 2.3 acres - Lot  

If you want to settle in paradise and build your private home away from it all, yet only 400 m to the beach and with terrific ocean views, you have to see this lot in Santa Teresa,...

Ref # : 8-508      SOLD 11/2015

4 BR Ocean View Villa

$ 400,000 - 15598 m2 or 3.95 acres - Best Deals   House   Luxury  

This beautiful home sits on 4 acres of titled land, is very private and offers tremendous ocean views. It is around 1.5 km drive to the pristine surfing beaches of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. The building...

Ref # : 7-141      SOLD 11/2015

Best Ocean View II Santa Teresa

$ 420,000 - 9911 m2 or 2.45 acres - Lot  

If you want to settle in paradise and build your private home away from it all, yet only 400 m to the beach and with terrific ocean views, you have to see this lot in Santa Teresa,...

Ref # : 8-509      SOLD 10/2015

Lot close to Montezuma

$ 28,000 - 1020 m2 or 0.25 acres - Best Deals   Lot  

This titled lot is so close to Montezuma and water and electricity run right in front of it. It is on a public road and only 10 min. walk to the pristine village and beaches. At this...

Ref # : 2-343      SOLD 09/2015

Killer Ocean View Lot 2

$ 220,000 - 1000 m2 or 0.247 acres - Lot  

True amazing ocean view lot at Playa Hermosa, only a few kilometer North of Santa Teresa and around half a mile to the pristine surfing beach. The lot borders a public road, is titled and comes with...

Ref # : 9-38      SOLD 09/2015

Santa Teresa Cute 2 BR Home

$ 138,000 - 323m2  - House  

Cute 2 BR, 1 BA home in the center of Santa Teresa, only minutes walk from the area’s pristine surfing beaches. The house is surrounded by a tropical garden, the lot is titled and there is public...

Ref # : 8-483      SOLD 08/2015

Ocean View Lot

$ 90,000 - 3935 m2 or 0.97 acres - Best Deals   Lot  

Fantastic ocean view lot in the hills of Montezuma, only 5 min. drive to the beaches and village. There are 2 accesses to this titled lot. It comes with public water and electricity runs a the entrance....

Ref # : 3-359      SOLD 08/2015

Lotus Villa Playa Hermosa

$ 590,000 - 1000 m2 or 0.247 acres - Commercial   House  

This 5BR 5BA gorgeous villa is located at the foot of the San Martin jungle, just a 3 minute stroll from the gorgeous Playa Hermosa, at the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica The villa...

Ref # : 9-40      SOLD 08/2015

Playa Carmen Ocean View Home

$ 495,000 - 850 m2 or 0.21 acres - Commercial   Hotel   House  

This 5BR 5BA house makes a great full time family home, vacation home, guesthouse or base for a small (surf/yoga/etc) retreat. Tucked to the edge of the mountain, the house offers refreshing breezes and great views. Communal...

Ref # : 8-443      SOLD 07/2015

3 BR Home Montezuma

$ 99,000 - 3000 m2 or 0.74 acres - Commercial   House  

This 3 BR 2 BA home is located close to Montezuma, in the hills of Delicias, only a 8 min. drive to the village and beaches of Montezuma and around 20 min. drive to Mal Pais and...

Ref # : 3-379      SOLD 07/2015

Ocean View Lot ST

$ 160,000 - 6406 m2 or 1.58 acres - Lot  

Terrific titled ocean view lot in a private area, yet only a few min. drive to the pristine surfing beaches of Mal Pais/Santa Teresa. – Year round access, since the road is mostly paved. – There is...

Ref # : 8-403      SOLD 07/2015

Rental Cabins close to Ocean

$ 250,000 - 1407 m2 or 0.35 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   Hotel   House  

Rental business and private home opportunity, plus a restaurant and green space, all within 5 min. walking distance to the ocean and in one of the nicest and safest parts of Costa Rica. It´s hard to find...

Ref # : 14-354      SOLD 06/2015

Turn-key Rental Opportunity 300 m to the beach

$ 595,000 - 6873 m2 or 1.69 acres - Commercial   Ecological   Hotel   House  

If you are looking for a tropical home in paradise and a good business value, only 300 m to the beach, don´ t miss this incredible opportunity, safe and secluded, private and within a lush tropical garden....

Ref # : 2-323      SOLD 06/2015

Modern Luxury Villa

$ 825,000 - 1.03 ha or 2.54 acres - Commercial   House   Luxury  

A large modern luxury villa, centrally located in the hills of Malpais. The house has epic views of the Mar Azul surf spot and peninsula from nearly every room in the house, even the bathrooms, and an...

Ref # : 7-143      SOLD 06/2015

Mar a Mar Condos Santa Teresa

Mar-a-Mar 2 BR Condo

$ 300,000 - 401 m2 or 0.099 acres - Condos & Gated  

This is a unique architect-designed 2 bedroom house, with unspoiled breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, perched on the hill just five minutes walk from the white sand beaches of Santa Teresa and Malpais where you will...

Ref # : 8-317      SOLD 06/2015

Lot close to Montezuma

$ 28,000 - 1301 m2 or 0.32 acres - Best Deals   Lot  

This titled lot is so close to Montezuma and water and electricity run right in front of it. It is on a public road and only 10 min. walk to the pristine village and beaches. At this...

Ref # : 2-344      SOLD 04/2015

Paradise Beach Lot

$ 1,500,000 - 8588 m2 or 2.1 acres - Beachfront   Commercial   Lot  

This is one of the most beautiful and desirable Santa Teresa beachfront properties, located only a short drive to the center of Mal Pais/Santa Teresa, yet very quiet and away from noise and dust. It is in...

Ref # : 8-96      SOLD 02/2015

wildlife rescue center

Wildlife Rescue Center

$ 150,000 - 1 Ha (2.4 acres) - Best Deals   Commercial   Ecological  

Truly an incredible deal and a dream come true for the right buyer, this is an opportunity to buy almost 5 acres with power, water, and access, for far under its true value, and to be able...

Ref # : 5-258      SOLD 12/2014

Ocean views Malpais

$ 90,000 - 9000 m2  - House   Lot  

Ocean views with several building platforms and a lot of privacy due to jungle in the backlands make this lot a true gem. It is located in the hills, on the Southern end of Mal Pais. There...

Ref # : 7-194      SOLD 11/2014

Jungle Lot 5 minutes from the Beach

$ 35,000 - 5285 m2  - Lot  

This beautiful lot is located in the mountains of Mal Pais, surrounded by a jungle and bordered by a creek with a waterfall. Water is provided from an adjacent well and electricity is on the lot, which...

Ref # : 7-193      SOLD 11/2014

The View You Want!

$ 150,000 - 3 Ha (7.4 acres) - Lot  

A rare deal… an amazing mountain-top platform with one of the best ocean views in the area. This one is now available at a very affordable price and one of our best deals! The land is titled,...

Ref # : 7-195      SOLD 11/2014

Santa Teresa Beach Lot with Concession

$ 180,000 - 858 m2  - Lot  

A flat, perfect lot, two back from the best beach in the Santa Teresa / Malpais area. This is directly behind the famous Suck Rock point break in north Santa Teresa. The white sand beach break here...

Ref # : 8-430      SOLD 11/2014

Rental Cabins with Pool

$ 275,000 - 14.155 m2 or 3.5 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   House  

Turnkey rental business, consisting of two 1 bedroom cabins and two 2 bedrooms cabins with a gorgeous pool and rancho. All cabins are have a fully equipped kitchen, are furnished and have beautifuyl details. The pool with...

Ref # : 3-347      SOLD 11/2014

Ocean View Lot Santa Teresa

$ 109,000 - 1254 m2 or 0.3 acres - Lot  

Beautiful ocean views in the hills of Santa Teresa. This lot is located conveniently only a few min. drive to the pristine surfing beaches, yet in a quiet part of Santa Teresa. There is electricity in front...

Ref # : 8-468      SOLD 11/2014

Santa Teresa Rental Business Opportunity

$ 240,000 - 697 m2 or 0.17 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   Hotel  

This beautiful property is located very close to the center of Santa Teresa and only steps to the nice surfing beach. It is titled and has municipal water with a big holding tank. There is a solid...

Ref # : 8-478      SOLD 10/2014

Montezuma Springs Hotel

$ 498,000 - 1.5 ha or 3.7 acres - Commercial   Hotel  

Once in a life-time opportunity!!! This beautiful hotel is located 1,5 km North of Montezuma, on a hilltop with nice breezes. The garden of the 1.5 ha land has been growing for 14 years and is full...

Ref # : 2-27      SOLD 09/2014

Ocean View House

$ 292,000 - 450 m2 or 0.11 acres - House  

Simple elegance in the jungle! This modern home with pool is perched on a hillside just above the white sands of Playa Carmen. On the first floor is the living area with a decent sized open kitchen,...

Ref # : 8-207      SOLD 07/2014

Playa Hermosa Valley Lot

$ 219,000 - 4400 m2 or 1.1 acres - Commercial   Ecological   Lot  

This lot is within a short walk of the best part of beautiful Playa Hermosa close to Santa Teresa. It’s located in a wooded valley, next to a river and surrounded by very large trees. The climate...

Ref # : 8-132      SOLD 06/2014

Tabu Beachfront Land

Commercial Beachfront Lot

$ 650,000 - 12500 m2 or 3.08 acres - Beachfront   Commercial   Lot  

This large piece of beach front paradise has a park like setting with its many trees and right in front is one of the favorite surf spots in the area! This is the ideal property for a...

Ref # : 8-34      SOLD 05/2014

Magic Ocean View Lot

$ 160,000 - 2 ha or 4.94 acres - Best Deals   Lot  

One of the most attractive ocean view lots in the area, really close to Montezuma and with a private jungle in the back, so peace and wildlife are guaranteed. This lot has electricity and water running right...

Ref # : 3-131      SOLD 05/2014

Las Palmeras Beachfront

$ 800,000 - 1.96 ha or 4.84 acres - Beachfront   Lot  

This in one of the very best properties in the area. It’s a very large beachfront property right by the point break, with beautiful white sand beaches in front. The property has two wells, one of which...

Ref # : 8-95      SOLD 05/2014

Polo Lot Montezuma

$ 42,000 - 4'300 m2 or 1.06 acres - Best Deals   Lot  

Cute and private lot only 5 min. drive to Montezuma and the pristine beaches. It is titled property and comes with public water and electricity. Very close to the main road, yet away from the dust, private...

Ref # : 3-382      SOLD 05/2014

Mal Pais Ocean View Home

$ 110,000 - 2000 m2 or 0.49 acres - Best Deals   House  

Outstanding 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with spectacular ocean views and a huge deck located in Malpais, on a public road and only a few min. drive to the pristine surfing beaches. The lot is titled and...

Ref # : 7-190      SOLD 04/2014

Vista Pacifico

$ 550,000 - 10014 m2 or 2.47 acres - Lot  

Vista Pacifico in Santa Teresa consists of 2 completely private top of the hill platforms with incredible surfbreak and ocean views, only a few minutes drive to the center of Santa Teresa. The titled property includes a...

Ref # : 8-370      SOLD 03/2014

Castle Villa Tambor

$ 599,000 - 17 Ha or 42 acres - Best Deals   Ecological   House   Lot   Luxury  

Exclusive private residential property in Tambor, Costa Rica. Approximately 42 acres of lush tropical jungle setting with waterfalls and creeks running throughout the property. This rare and exclusive property backs up to a reserve where nature’s wildlife...

Ref # : 14-341      SOLD 02/2014

Cobano House/Office

$ 55,000 - 251 m2  - 

Comfortable centrally located house in Cobano, near the Clinic, bank, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. Counts with ample spaces, works very well as a family home or commercial space. It has 2 bed-rooms, 1 living-room, bathroom, kitchen, laundry area,...

Ref # : 1-257      SOLD 02/2014

Playa Hermosa Lot

$ 150,000 - 1652 m2 or 0.408 - Lot  

This titled land is located only 300 from the pristine surfing beaches of Playa Hermosa and a few minutes drive to the center of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. The lot comes with electricity and water from...

Ref # : 9-47      SOLD 01/2014

Ocean View Home Roberta

$ 325,000 - 7000 m2 or 1.72 acres - House  

This newly built ocean view home is located 1 mile from Santa Teresa and its pristine beaches, with a beautiful ocean view, breezes throughout the whole day and wildlife in the back. It is very private and...

Ref # : 8-392      SOLD 01/2014

Manzanillo Sunset Home

$ 109,000 - 1000 m2 (.25 acres) - House  

This charming 2 bedroom house is made almost entirely of teak, and comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a washing machine and teak furniture. The upstairs balcony has great views of the sun setting over the pacific....

Ref # : 10-230      SOLD 12/2013

Jamango Lot

$ 149,000 - 4800 m2 or 1.2 acres - Best Deals   Lot  

Beautiful lot, only a few minutes walk to one of the most pristine beaches in the area of Montezuma. The lot is titled, comes with electricity and there is water from a spring. Lots of building space...

Ref # : 2-316      SOLD 11/2013

Vista Paraiso Lot

$ 250,000 - 6224 m2 or 1.53 acres - Lot  

Very close to Mal Pais center, yet private and with very nice ocean views you can find Vista Paraiso lot. There are 2 big platforms with plenty of building space. Electricity runs in front of the lot,...

Ref # : 7-189      SOLD 11/2013

Beachfront 2 BR House

$ 210,000 - 1354 m2 or 0.33 acres - Beachfront   House  

This charming 2-story beachfront property is located in the remote fisher village of Cabuya on the Southern Nicoya peninsula, just 7 km to Montezuma or Mal Pais/Santa Teresa. The 2 bedroom home features an equipped kitchen, designed...

Ref # : 5-260      SOLD 10/2013

Oceanfront Lot with Concession

$ 139,000 - 7421 m2 or 1.83 acres - Beachfront   Best Deals   Lot  

First class ocean front property with concession (2/3 of property is zoned for tourist purposes hotel, cabina, restaurant, cafeteria, bar) the other 1/3 is zoned for private purpose like a family home with pool) for 20 years....

Ref # : 2-240      SOLD 09/2013

Ocean View Home Santa Teresa

$ 299,000 - 5000 m2 or 1.23 acres - House  

This solid 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is located in Northern Santa Teresa, only 2 min. drive to the pristine surfing beaches and it is also a walkable distance to the beach. The rental home unit is...

Ref # : 8-447      SOLD 08/2013

Ocean View Home

$ 128,000 - 2565 m2 or 0.63 acres - Best Deals   House   Lot  

Full titled property of 2565 m2 with ocean view, fertil earth with already planted fruit and ornamental trees and platform to build another house or cabins. Each part of the property is developed with public water and free...

Ref # : 3-353      SOLD 08/2013

Zaneda Lots

$ 55,000 - 200 m2 to 1200 m3 or 0.049 to 0.29 acres - Lot  

Three small flat lots with power, water (from a legal, shared well), title, access, everything. They are on the mountain side of the road but within a 3-4 minute walk, on level ground, to the beach. These...

Ref # : 8-421 / 8-422 / 8-428      SOLD 07/2013

Casa Cecilia Montezuma

$ 360,000 - 6800 m2 or 1.68 acres - House  

Casa Cecilia is a 2 BR 2 BA house located in the hills above Montezuma. The house has 1 master suite with a private bath and a unique indoor/outdoor shower and another guest room with a 2nd bathroom...

Ref # : 3-218      SOLD 07/2013

Ocean View Home Mal Pais

$ 249,000 - 2316 m2 or 0.57 acres - House  

Only 5 min. drive and 10 min. walk to the Mal Pais surfing beaches you find this killer ocean view property with views all the way to Santa Teresa and Manzanillo. It is titled land, bordered by...

Ref # : 7-208      SOLD 06/2013

Two Santa Teresa Surf Villitas

$ 265,000 - 333 m2 or 0.082 acres - Best Deals   Commercial   House  

The perfect, low-maintenance, turn-key, vacation home business in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The property includes a one-bedroom house and a brand new two-bedroom house. Just a few minutes walk from the white sand surfing/swimming beaches of Santa...

Ref # : 8-431      SOLD 06/2013

A view of the ocean

Ocean View Lot

$ 87,000 - 5 037 m2 - Best Deals   Lot  

Ocean view lot only 5 min. drive to Montezuma village and the beaches. The lot has a well and electricity runs at the entrance of the property. This is a very special price; a future owner would...

Ref # : 3-235      SOLD 06/2013

Delicias Countryside Lot with Rustic Home

$ 65,000 - 5000 m2 or 1.23 acres - Best Deals   House   Lot  

Very pleasant property with beautiful gardens and lots of old trees. The property has a rustic house made of wood and a pretty terrace from where you can enjoy the jungle. The lot is titled with public...

Ref # : 3-224      SOLD 04/2013

Beauty Lot

$ 60,000 - 5000 m2  - Best Deals   Lot  

A beautiful lot in the heart of Delicias. Large flat area, beautiful building site with overview of your own creek with many old trees. The area for your building site is cleared and large enough for a...

Ref # : 3-226      SOLD 04/2013

Ocean View Casa Tocacielo

$ 149,000 - 1395 m2 or 0.34 acres - House  

Mountain-top two story house with beautiful ocean view high over Malpais, yet only a few min. drive to the surfing beaches. The house is built of concrete and tropical hardwoods and features a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1.5...

Ref # : 7-155      SOLD 04/2013

Santa Teresa Beachfront Jewel

$ 235,000 - 1339 m2 or 0.33 acres - Best Deals  

An affordable beachfront property lot on the waterline! This property is an opportunity for those looking to secure their spot in paradise. The first elements for your future tropical garden are already there – fruit trees (Mango,...

Ref # : 8-399      SOLD 04/2013

Santa Teresa Lots Featured

$ 76,000 - 413 m2  - Lot  

This small lot is conveniently located in a great neighborhood in north Santa Teresa and only a few minutes walk to the pristine surfing beaches near La Lora Amarillo. This lot is ideal for building 1-2 small...

Ref # : 8-467      SOLD 04/2013

Playa Hermosa Heights

$ 180,000 - 1500 m2  - 

This lot above Playa Hermosa has a small house and a foundation for a larger one or an expansion. It sits right behind the new house of a famous supermodel. It has some ocean views, but not...

Ref # : 9-12 9-12      SOLD 03/2013

Sunset Villa II

$ 235,000 - 1340 m2  - 

A true fire sale, this amazing brand new house is up above Playa Carmen, with spectacular A+ ocean views where you can see the surf in front where you’d be surfing. It’s just past the best restaurant...

Ref # : 8-429      SOLD 01/2013

Charming Chalet

$ 210,000 - 1.13 Ha - House  

Charming house in Swiss Chalet style located in Delicias, 10 min. drive to Montezuma. There is an amazing mountain and ocean view from the house and a constant breeze. This place is very peaceful and surrounded by...

Ref # : 3-37      SOLD 01/2013

Ocean View Lot close to the Beach

$ 59,000 - 3 979 m2  - 

Ocean view property 500 meter to ocean. Water and electricity is provided and the lot it titled. At this price, you cannot go wrong!!!

Ref # : 20-1      SOLD 01/2013

Vistas del Mundo

$ 149,000 - 6313 m2 (1.5 acres)  - 

One of the best views for sale in Delicias, this is located close to town, near Anamaya Yoga Resort and the butterfly gardens. The property has a well, which it also shares with a neighboring lot. The...

Ref # : 3-331      SOLD 12/2012

Playa Carmen Home with Swimming Pool

$ 225,000 - 500 m2  - 

This ocean view house is one of the Hottest Deals in the Santa Teresa area. It features a swimming pool and three large bedrooms. Located on a public road, up a short walk from the main road,...

Ref # : 8-36      SOLD 12/2012

Santa Teresa House & Cottage

$ 285,000 - 5 000 m2  - 

This true gem of Santa Teresa was completed a few years ago and is only 6 minutes drive from the lovely white sand and surfing beaches that town has to offer. The property is shady in the...

Ref # : 8-461      SOLD 11/2012

Delicias/Montezuma Contemporary Home

$ 380,000 - 7050 m2  - 

This is a brand-new two-story house 330m2 construction (~3400 ft2) with nice ocean views in front and a jungle behind the house. The size of the lot is perfect and guarantees privacy. The construction is solid, with...

Ref # : 3-6      SOLD 11/2012

Casa Meteora

$ 175,000 - 2239 m2 - 

Two new houses – a main house and a guest house, on the Santiago/Playa Hermosa ridge, only 5-6 minutes drive from the spectacular beach of Playa Hermosa. The property overlooks a vast jungle-filled valley, with vistas to...

Ref # : 6-75      SOLD 11/2012

Manzanillo Sunset View Lot

$ 165,000 - 10 000 m2  - 

This is great property… with views up the coast towards Samara. It has total privacy and another building site back by the road. It also has a path, down to the beach only 200 meters away. It...

Ref # : 10-260      SOLD 10/2012

Contemporary 3-Bedroom Condo

$ 490,000 - 240 m2 (lot) - 55 m2 (each apartment)  - 

If you are a fanatic of contemporary architecture, you will not find a better location and details than this! Situated right in front of the entrance of the popular and elegant Costa Rica Country Club, you will...

Ref # : 81-16      SOLD 06/2012

Tamarindo Beach House

$ 120,000 - 150 m2  - 

This house is located a few steps from the beach and the center of Tamarindo. It features 1538 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, laundry room, kitchen, living room, private garden and garage. Reduced to US$120,000.

Ref # : 30-74      SOLD 05/2012

Santa Teresa Hills

$ 42,000 - 526 m2  - Lot  

This is your opportunity for an inexpensive lot with some ocean views! The prices are valid until the first two lots are sold – so move fast if this is what you’re looking for. The property is...

Ref # : 8-305/8-314/8-315      SOLD 03/2012

One-Bedroom House in Carmona

$ 99,500 - 12 041 m2  - 

The house is one bedroom with ensuite bathroom plus an additional bathroom. All floors inside and out are in ceramic and all the windows are new aluminium sliding with fly screens. Kitchen units were custom made in...

Ref # : 16-287      SOLD 02/2012

Cozy Cobano House

$ 55,000 - 209 m2  - 

Perfect Starter Home Minutes From the Beach Cozy, comfortable, charming and inexpensive! This charming casita offers great views of lush rolling mountains and valleys. Located within walking distance to downtown Cobano and all of the amenities anyone...

Ref # : 1-253      SOLD 02/2012

Santa Ana Building Lots in Exclusive Gated Community

$ 183,000 - 610 / 666 / 735 m2  - 

These lots are located in an exclusive gated community within another private gated community with double security in Rio Oro of Santa Ana. This residency is located just 1 km from Forum 1 and only minutes from...

Ref # : 83-6 / 83-7 / 83-8      SOLD 01/2012

Escazu Home

$ 279,000 - 254 m2 - 

Only 200 meters from the Country Club, this condo is ideal for a family with children or a retired couple. There are not many one story homes in this area! This home is built solid using a...

Ref # : 81-15      SOLD 12/2011

Delicias Lots

$ 19,000 - 500-10 000 m2  - 

Recently build house on a 10.000 square meter lot. The house has three rooms two baths. The 3 lots consist of 10.000 square meters with 90 meter construction with a price tag at 450k making it a...

Ref # : 3-324 / 3-325 / 3-326 / 3-327      SOLD 12/2011

Malpais Ocean View Lot

$ 99,000 - 10 530 m2  - 

Ocean view lot just a few minutes drive to the center of Mal Pais/Santa Teresa and its pristine surfing beaches.  The lot borders the public, paved road and comes with municipal water and electricity. There is a simple...

Ref # : 7-177      SOLD 12/2011

Beach House Bargain (1BR/1BA)

$ 85,000 - 770 m2  - 

A beach deal like this hasn’t been around in a couple of years. The one bedroom, one bathroom house is cute, but small. It has now been approved for a concession, and just waiting for final signatures,...

Ref # : 8-372      SOLD 11/2011

Los Delfines Duplex

$ 115,000 - 500 m2  - 

These “turn key” 2 bdrm 2 bathroom duplex villas are situated inside Los Delfines Golf & Country Club, here in Playa Tambor on the Central Pacific Coast, Southern Nicoya Peninsula. Each house has 1.100 sq ft of...

Ref # : 14-320      SOLD 11/2011

Los Delfines 3-Bedroom Spacious House

$ 395,000 - 1000 m2  - 

This 3 bedroom house in Tambor Beach is located inside the gated community Los Delfines, where you have it all: 24 security, beautifully maintained golf course, restaurant, clubhouse with pool, supermarket, internet/ video store, ATM and professional...

Ref # : 14-322      SOLD 11/2011

Green Paradise Vistas

$ 195,000 - 17 930 m2 (4.43 acres)  - 

Enjoy the best that Costa Rica has to offer with this property. Located 10 minutes from Playa Hermosa, 10 minutes from Santa Teresa/Malpais, and 20 minutes from Cobano, this property is in an ideal central location. This...

Ref # : 6-107      SOLD 10/2011

Nuevo Arenal Farm

$ 340,000 - 68 Ha  - 

There are 39 hectares of forest under protection with 3 types of monkeys, and 15 hectares planted in 10 yr. old melina with a permit to harvest and replant with a mix of native CR. Plus there...

Ref # : 45-9      SOLD 09/2011

Mountain View Lot 3

$ 39,000 - 3 984 m2 - 

One of the most beautiful lots of the area – a flat natural building site with stunning mountain views and sunset orientation! The property is very well maintained – the garden is ready for you. The sellers...

Ref # :      SOLD 09/2011

Tambor 3-bedroom Villa

$ 325,000 - 1000 m2  - 

A spectacular “ranch style” one story villa that has been completely remodeled. It has the latest finishing and stainless steel appliances! The house has a very open and spacious floor plan and additional “bay windows” were installed...

Ref # : 14-317      SOLD 08/2011

Malpais Celebrity Villa

$ 350,000 - 1000 m2  - House  

This is a luxury compound with a beautiful 2BR/2BA house in the middle of the jungle yet in the center of Malpais and within a couple minutes walk to the beach (200 meters from the beach). Surrounded...

Ref # : 7-146      SOLD 08/2011

The Farm

$ 7,500,000 - 384 Ha  - 

A giant, 384 hectare farm just 5 miles from Nicoya, with ocean views of the gulf, wildlife and much primary forest. The Forest is located 5 miles from Nicoya, just in front of highway 21 going towards...

Ref # : 30-4      SOLD 06/2011

Organic Restaurant Franchise Opportunity

$ 25,000 - Commercial  

The price includes all furniture, equipment, inventory, recipes, graphic design and intellectual property. The name of the business has been trademarked and there is full intellectual property protection within Costa Rica for opportunity to franchise the operation...

Ref # : 8-446      SOLD 06/2011

Santa Teresa Urban Villa

$ 150,000 - 314 m2  - 

Small well-built house in an urban beach-town setting near the white sand surfing beaches of Santa Teresa. The house has three bedrooms and one bathroom, with the third bedroom being a loft above the living area. It...

Ref # : 8-404      SOLD 05/2011

Jaboncillos Riverview Condo

$ 300,000 - 

This condo is located in a quaint residential area of Escazu that is quiet and peaceful. Located just 5 minutes from the Country Day School, the Country Club, Multiplaza Mall, and the Highway, this is the perfect...

Ref # : 81-13      SOLD 04/2011

5 bedroom Home in High End Gated Community

$ 799,900 -  620 m2 / 498 m2 (construction)  - 

4 bed- each with walk in closet and own bath second level Office- with walk in closet and full bath on first level Maid’s room with full bathroom Master bed. Has a terrace as well as one...

Ref # : 83-5      SOLD 04/2011

Condo Rio Oro

$ 295,000 - 175 m2 + 317 m2 (construction)  - 

4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, Maid’s room + bath, Open kitchen, Formal dining room and living room, Additional patio room This condo is situated inside a condo complex of 6 condos with a 24 hour guard. It is...

Ref # : 83-4      SOLD 03/2011

Exquisitely design house

$ 196,000 - 900 m2  - 

This newly constructed Canadian house offers a refined design and at the same time is simple and comfortable. Its high ceilings combined with the large windows, strategically located across from each other, creates fresh luminous environments always...

Ref # : 3-337      SOLD 03/2011

Casa de Montaña

$ 500,000 - 400 m2 + 50 m2 (construction) - 

This house is located in a quiet community and has a panoramic view of the central valley, Alajuela, Escazu, Heredia, San Jose and different volcanoes. It is protected by electric gates and accessed by a private road....

Ref # : 83-3      SOLD 02/2011

Santa Teresa Beachfront Cheap

$ 750,000 - 8609 m2 (Over 2 acres) + 2062 m2 IDA land - 

This incredible piece of flat beachfront land is right in the center of Santa Teresa, with a white sand beach in front… ideal for swimming, surfing, etc. The land has its own well, and already has a...

Ref # : 8-      SOLD 02/2011

Casa Artistica

$ 675,000 - 

If outdoor spaces, lush tropical gardens and mountain views attract you to the Escazu area, this might just be the property for you! With special attention dedicated to so many details, this property is move in ready!...

Ref # : 81-17      SOLD 02/2011

Casa Serena of Santa Teresa

$ 459,900 - 5000 m2  - 

Two amazing houses in the hills above Santa Teresa with beautiful ocean views. One of the house is high quality cement construction, and the other is a beautifully designed three-tiered bamboo house. Both are excellent for renting....

Ref # : 8-83      SOLD 02/2011

Private Paradise Condo with Pool

$ 240,000 - 

This condo is a perfect starter or central valley retirement home. It shows very nice with a spectacular “L” shaped pool that almost forms part of the living room. This cozy home entails nice stone detail, granite...

Ref # : 81-14      SOLD 01/2011

Bello Horizonte Condo

$ 241,000 - 270 m2  - 

One story condo on first level with private garden views! The condo features lots of natural light throughout, a great floor plan with a large Master suite with a walk in closet and spacious bathroom with a...

Ref # : 81-3      SOLD 01/2011

Delicias Hillside with Ocean View

$ 195,000 - 23034 m2 / 6 acres  - 

New on the market – This lot is priced to sell fast – it is the only lot with a closer ocean view below $200,000 available. This lovely property with several decent-sized flat building plantels is nestled...

Ref # : 3-248      SOLD 01/2011

Ocean View Lot #10

$ 299,000 - 5709 m2  - 

Mal Pais ocean view lot with 2 platforms, each with a fabulous ocean view. The lot is only a few minutes drive from the famous surfing beaches of Mal Pais/Santa Teresa, where you also find numerous restaurants,...

Ref # : 7-166      SOLD 01/2011

Private Lake Estate

$ 2,000,000 - 57 Ha  - 

This is an extraordinary property: the artificial lake was started 30 years ago. Today it has a surface of aprox. 20 ha (50 acres), on one side of the lake the terrain is elevated and offer excellent...

Ref # : 70-2      SOLD 12/2010

Malpais Magic Vistas

$ 150,000 - 1.2 Ha  - Lot  

This ocean view property is priced to sell fast. The property is located up the Casa Chameleon road, with two building platforms already, and another spot below for a third. With a little work, this property could...

Ref # : 7-6      SOLD 11/2010

Dual Purpose House

$ 175,000 - 

This home is a perfect opportunity to remodel and make it into a refurbished home to keep as a rental or re-sell completely remodeled. The location is so close to Plaza Rohrmoser that this would also make...

Ref # : 84-3      SOLD 10/2010

Guachipelin Luxury House

$ 690,000 - 570 m2  - 

It’s not just a beautiful spacious house; it’s an amazing home with spectacular views, gentle breezes year round, and fine finishes and attention to detail. With 570 m2 of land and 490 m2 of construction, this free...

Ref # : 81-2      SOLD 09/2010

Montezuma Café/Restaurant

$ 35,000 - 

Fulfill your dream of living and working in Paradise. Unique opportunity to purchase a one of a kind restaurant in Montezuma Costa Rica. Currently the only commercial space available in the downtown area. This Café is a...

Ref # : 2-287      SOLD 09/2010

Montezuma Beachfront Chalet

$ 295,000 - 6400 m2  - 

Excellent Income Producing Beach Front Home Package in Montezuma With Incredible Price Amazing Beach Front Investment Opportunity.. Live in Paradise while Collecting Rental Income… Great Resort/Retreat Potential Wow…this opportunity is legally located within the Maritime Zone in...

Ref # : 2-4      SOLD 09/2010

Escazu Colonial House

$ 650,000 -  2000 m2  - 

Perfect for an exclusive residence with colonial style! It could also be easily converted into ample office spaces as it is located in a mixed residential-commercial area. With 620 m2 of construction and almost 2000 m2 of...

Ref # : 81-12      SOLD 07/2010

Feng Shui House

$ 185,000 - 5 028 m2  - 

This 2-story 2 bedroom rustic house is surrounded by green grasses and a tropical garden with fruit and wood trees. It is made of blocks, natural stones, rosewood and teak. There is public water, electricity, phone and...

Ref # : 3-213      SOLD 07/2010

Brand New Sports Bar and Grill For Sal

$ 650,000 - 1180 m2  - 

Location is in the heart of the action- at the crossroads of Mal Pais and Playa Carmen, both towns bordering a 2 km stretch of white sand beach and epic surf. Forbes Magazine voted this beach one...

Ref # : 8-375      SOLD 07/2010

Barrio Morazan Secret Jewel

$ 295,000 - 500 m2 - 

Extreme visibility for a commercial venture, boutique hotel, restaurant, guesthouse, apartments in excellent location. High visibility from the Casa Amarillo corner as well as from the Ministerio de Cultura corner. – 20 minutes walk from San Jose...

Ref # : 80-18      SOLD 06/2010

Montezuma Lot

$ 135,000 - 2 Ha  - 

This lot is in a very quiet neighborhood, only 7 minutes drive to Montezuma beach. A second story ocean view is possible and the property borders a river with swimming holes. The back of the land features...

Ref # : 2-265      SOLD 06/2010

Cute 2 BR House

$ 87,000 - 1565 m2 - 

This property is located only 2 km North of Montezuma village and its pristine beaches. It is situated on the main road between Cobano and Montezuma with good bus and taxi access. The house is a solid...

Ref # : 2-307      SOLD 06/2010

Income Producing Beach Jungalow Hotel

$ 300,000 -  3 884m2  - 

This amazing opportunity comes with everything! All of the hassle of furnishing and decorating has been taken care of. This existing hotel has a great location on the main road in Cabuya just minutes from the beach....

Ref # : 5-234      SOLD 06/2010

Monkeys Vistas

$ 185,000 - 8854 m2 - 

Beautiful drop-off jungle/valley views, very close to town in an ideal spot for a cabina business or hotel. This property is near two waterfalls, and has a private path down to a great swimming hole.

Ref # : 3-4      SOLD 04/2010

Luxury Ocean View Home in Tambor

$ 975,000 -  4 Ha  - 

Luxurious 4 bedroom custom design home located 100 feet above Tambor Bay which boasts spectacular bay and ocean views. The property features a large living and dining area, an entertainment center as well as a gourmet kitchen...

Ref # : 14-339      SOLD 03/2010

Mountain View Lot

$ 39,000 - 3 984 m2 - 

One of the most beautiful lots of the area – a flat natural building site with stunning mountain views and sunset orientation! The property is very well maintained – the garden is ready for you. The sellers...

Ref # : 2-219      SOLD 02/2010

Pura Vida Nature Lovers Home

$ 199,000 - 2000 m2 - 

Make your friends jealous ….. with the most exquisite home in Montezuma! This Nature Lovers´ dream is the total package. Newly-constructed tropical teak wood home complete with large infinity-swimming pool. This jungle property is centrally located just...

Ref # : 2-279      SOLD 02/2010

Delicias Ocean View Lot

$ 200,000 - 3000 m2 to 9500 m2  - 

One of the best properties in Montezuma is now for sale. This property stretches horizontally along the cliff, with over 160 meters of panoramic ocean views. This borders a public road, and is also within walking distance...

Ref # : 3-246      SOLD 01/2010

Delicias Family House

$ 285,000 - 1 Ha  - 

A recently finished, simple but nicely done 5-bed room house with 2 bathrooms, large open kitchen, adjacent living area and entrance hall and a huge terrace offer plenty of space for either a large family. Also suitable...

Ref # : 3-212      SOLD 01/2010

Montezuma Jungle Lodge

$ 0 - 5780 m2  - 

The Montezuma jungle lodge consists of 2 lovely rustic cabinas with dormitories, shared baths and lockers, plus one 2-story main house. This house has rooms to rent out on the top floor. The lodge is only 2...

Ref # : 2-226      SOLD 01/2010

Montezuma Mountain View

$ 130,000 - 1.858 Ha  - 

This spacious lot with a stunning mountain view is located only a 10 minutes drive from Montezuma in a quiet area. It features many Mango & Lemon trees. An estimated 90 % of the area is flat...

Ref # : 2-217      SOLD 08/2009

Casa La Artista

$ 485,000 - 2000 m2  - 

Live and work steps from the Santa Teresa main surf break. The property has a good amount of priceless road front, making it ideal for a small business or condo project. Its location is ideal, in a...

Ref # : 8-382      SOLD 07/2009

Ocean View Lot

$ 95,000 - 4716 m2  - 

The cheapest ocean view lot in the whole Montezuma area! A lot with two hills with a cute ocean view as seen through a jungle valley. Lots of privacy. Water and power are on the road next...

Ref # : 3-241      SOLD 03/2009

Villa Linda

$ 265,000 - 698 m2  - 

A brand new house on the Delicias side of Montezuma, about ten minutes walk up the hill from the beaches. The owners of this amazingly cute house spent every day watching the details of the construction process,...

Ref # : 3-7      SOLD 02/2009

Montezuma Waterfall Ocean View Lots

$ 85,000 - 1026 m2 or 2168 m2  - 

Ocean View Building Sites bordering the World Famous Montezuma Waterfalls. Private ocean view homesites bordering the World Famous Montezuma Waterfalls and only 3 min from the beach. Loosen up in the tranquility, peace and nature of this...

Ref # : 3-318 / 3-319      SOLD 08/2008

La Paz Santa Teresa Mountaintop

$ 858,000 - 2.14 Ha  - 

One of the best properties in Santa Teresa! This is a mountaintop, with 360 degree views, including whitewater ocean views in front. This property has a ridge and would be ideal for a luxury cabina or house...

Ref # : 8-22      SOLD 03/2008