What’s New in Costa Rica?

Perched in the American continent, Costa Rica offers excellent investment opportunities. The prime real estate in Costa Rica is currently towards the cheaper side, but is rising very rapidly. Investors, who purchased a $30,000 property more than a decade ago, now find that their property is worth as much as $750,000. The biggest change in property in Costa Rica during the past decade is that prices have dramatically increased as Costa Rica has attracted more foreign buyers – and prices have doubled, or tripled, from the last one decade or so.

Needless to say, huge property price rises; prime real estate Costa Rica is still cheap compared to other countries in the region. A lovely three bedroom property can be purchased for as little as $60,000, and prices for beachfront properties cost up to 75% less than in US states such as Florida and Arizona. Property prices in Costa Rica will continue to increase in value over the coming years.

It is to note that buying prime real estate in Costa Rica is easy. There is no place in the world where foreigners can buy a tract of land without much hassles. The place has a stable democracy, no military, a government that encourages investors with no restrictions, and where foreigners are entitled to the same ownership rights as Costa Rican citizens. Throw in low costs and no capital gains tax and its no wonder foreign buyers are looking at Costa Rica. Buying property is Costa Rica is easy – and that’s one of the major attractions.

Taking prime real estate in Costa Rica will continue to be a sound investment, as foreign buyers look for an affordable place to live with a great lifestyle. Costa Rica is beautiful, and has a great climate with no weather extremes, a low cost of living, no serious crime and an infrastructure that is on par with many industrialized nations. Costa Rica real estate‘s steadily increasing prices (20-50% per year) insure a good return on your investment. Buying property in Costa Rica offers a slice of paradise at a cost anyone can afford – and as more buyers invest, prices will rise.

Tropisphere works to attract buyers to Costa Rica who care about the environment and culture where they live. As a leading Real estate realtor, Tropisphere donates 10% of all its sales commissions to local community projects such as schools and wildlife conservation organizations.

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