Buying Costa Rica Real Estate

Costa Rica has been rated amongst the world’s top ten favorite destinations. The country’s mesmerizing charm attracts tourists from all over the world. Many people initially visit this place as tourists and often their subsequent trips are for purposes of buying Costa Rica Real Estate. Buying property in Costa Rica is a good choice for several reasons. Apart from the scenic beauty, the place offers a beautiful heaven in which you can seek refuge from the stress and strain of daily life. Many people are purchasing Costa Rica Real Estate for relaxation, vacationing and for spending their retired lives. Confronted with the spiraling cost of living in Canada and the US, a lot of people are searching for an affordable place to live without compromising on their standards of living. Costa Rica, one of Latin America’s best-kept secrets is the ultimate destination for affordable and comfortable living.

Costa Rica properties are easy to acquire as the government policies are relaxed and in case of titled properties, laws apply equally to residents and foreigners. The government has implemented a seven-year expansion plan with lucrative tax breaks. This has helped maintain the strength of the economy and attracted many overseas investors. All these factors coupled with the country’s economic and political stability have contributed towards the growth of Costa Rica real estate investment. The real estate industry is witnessing a major boon and this is an opportune moment to invest in Costa Rica real estate. is a leading Costa Rica real estate agency offering all sorts of Costa Rica real estate for sale and lease.

While looking for a suitable property, there are a few things that you must bear in mind. Make sure that you know the actual property value and ensure that the property is not a part of a national park or subject to restricted use. If you are purchasing a piece of land always get a soil analysis done. In case you are buying property in a remote area, check for the availability of electricity. If buying in the city, confirm the prevailing noise levels and acquaint yourself with the surrounding neighborhood. Remember to check the plumbing, wiring, water pressure, and sewage system and leaking roofs, if any. Do not rely on verbal contracts and insist in written agreements.

Most importantly, always solicit the services of a professional and reputed real estate advisor. is an established name in Costa Rica real estate and their professional services can help you in searching and selecting a suitable property for living and/or investment purposes.