Costa Rica Luxury Real Estate

Costa Rica has been rated amongst the ten favorite destinations of the world. This ranking by Forbes is based on three categories: honeymoon trips, summer vacation and luxury adventure. Costa Rica is a land of varied promises, especially if you are looking for an international realty investment. Costa Rica Real Estate offers some of the best available options in the real estate market today. It is bordered by the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans and is one of the best tropical paradise destinations in the world offering excellent climatic conditions and comfortable living. Real estate boon in Costa Rica has been driven by an increasing influx of foreign investors, especially the worldly and the wealthy who are looking for a piece of this paradise either as an investment option or for vacationing and relaxation.

Costa Rica has not only become a new destination but has come to symbolize an entirely new way of life for the high-end owner. Many rich and famous persons have chosen this new destination as a second home to escape the stress, strain and monotony of their daily lives. Buying luxury Costa Rica real estate is an excellent opportunity for the affluent. Many famous celebrities, top level executives from some of the largest multinational firms, millionaires with their yachts, high-end property developers and famous and wealthy people from all across the world come to Costa Rica in search of a new heaven that offers peace, serenity, adventure and luxurious living. Costa Rica real estate offers great options in luxury real estate such as Costa Rica beach property, luxury homes, resorts, hotels, condos, beachfront homes and much more. has helped many people buy property in Costa Rica and acquire their piece of paradise.

Tropisphere Real Estate offers the most comprehensive list of luxury properties in different parts of Costa Rica. Its specialty areas include Costa Rica property in southern Niccoya Peninsula, Montezuma, Santa Teresa, Malpais and Tambor. Whether you are looking for a piece of land to build your dream home or a Mexican style villa with a matching cabina and rancho or beautiful ocean-view homes or exclusive beach homes with a private surf spot, Tropisphere Real Estate has the apt solution for all your real estate needs.

Tropisphere is the number one luxury real estate company of Costa Rica offering some of the most exclusive luxury properties in different parts of the country. So, for a look at a second home away from home, simply log on to