Hottest Deals in Property

Investing in real estate has always guaranteed maximum return on investment. With the developed world, however, it is becoming harder and harder to get even a modest return on real estate in practically all areas of the United States, Canada & Western Europe. In fact, volatiles trends in the real estate market is becoming common with each passing day, particularly in the United States, where investors are actually taking a loss on what used to be the most reliable type of investment. While the average real estate investor is struggling to keep his head above water in his own backyard, a select few are making a killing in emerging markets like Costa Rica.

Costa Rica provides one the most attractive real estate investment environments currently in the world. Apart from its natural scenic beauty that draws hordes of tourists every year, the country has certain other advantages over similar other investment opportunities. Costa Rica has a stable democratic government that does not make erratic decisions (like expropriating land from foreign owners) and keeps a firm control over law and order in the country. This makes your investment secure. The business climate too is very similar to modern western countries and it even has its own stock exchange.

In Costs Rica foreigners have the same rights as local citizens when it comes to owning any property. The country does not have Capital Gains Tax that empowers you to take the lion’s share of profit. Also with a property tax rate of only 0.0025 of the registered value of the property, your taxes will be substantially less than in any other country. It is also very easy to own Beach Front Titled property as a whopping 10% of Costa Rica’s coastline is titled. Most importantly over the last five years, the average return-on-investment has been between an astounding 35-40%.

With more than one million tourists visiting Costa Rica each year, the demand for accommodations and vacation rentals has exploded. Investing in the right areas of Costa Rica will generate handsome returns but for doing that you need someone with experience to guide your hand in deciding upon the Hottest Deals in property. We at trophisphere have years of experience in selling properties throughout Costa Rica. We can help you find the best property deals in Costa Rica be it simple family homes and farms to spectacular ocean view and beachfront homes and lots, luxury villas and resorts. For more information on Costa Rica Real Estate Listings, Costa Rica Property for Sale, and Costa Rica Condo Rental, please visit our website tropisphere.