Malpais Real Estate- Costa Rica

Malpais is a town in Costa Rica which is quite well known with the surfers. It is considered as a surfers paradise and thousand of surfers visit this town every year to enjoy surfing and to take a break from there work. Malpais is surrounded by lush green rainforest and magnificent beaches that adds to the natural beauty of this place. The place has such a mystical appeal that the visitors are attracted to come here years after years. In fact many people from US and other countries have started investing their money in Malpais real estate. They have bought beautiful villas and beach homes here and are enjoying their retirement life in Malpais.

The white sand beaches and the strong waves apt for surfing are the main attraction of Malpais. Indulge in snorkeling, swimming and other such beach activities and enjoy your life at Malpais.

Malpais is located on the Pacific Coast and is also known as the Hawaii odd Latin America. The population of the place is increasing gradually as the cost of living is fairly low. The Malpais real Estate is also rising as many people are buying property in this region. The property price is quite reasonable as Costa Rica is still developing. However, they are on a rise. If you have been thinking of buying a property in Costa Rica then don’t delay and do so today. Tropisphere, the leading Real Estate Company in Costa Rica can guide you with this.

Tropisphere Costa Rica Real Estate has a listing of the properties available in Costa Rica. It not only deals with Malpais Real Estate but also deals in Santa Teresa Real Estate, Tambore Real Estate, Montezuma Real Estate and various other places in Costa Rica.

Whether you are looking for a home or a commercial shop or restaurant in Malpais, your search ends at Tropisphere. The options vary from condos, luxury villas, apartment, cottages or any other type of accommodation you need. You name the type of accommodation and we at Tropisphere can provide you with it. We provide land as well on which you may build your dream house as per your requirement. The Malpais Real Estate listing is available on the internet for your convenience. Simply log on to and avail all the details about the properties in Malpais and in other parts of Costa Rica.