Overseas Property Investment- Costa Rica Real Estate

On much the same lines as the real estate boom in California about three decades ago, Costa Rica too is presently witnessing a big boom in its property prices. Investing in this small country is more lucrative and promising than a real estate investment in any other location. Costa Rica is a land of promise that continues to lure investors from different parts of the world. The country is known for its natural beauty: lush green vegetation and clear, blue coasts of the Pacific and the Caribbean. Costa Rica real estate promises you a piece of Paradise on earth. Resorts on the Pacific Coast have of late witnessed the maximum gains in property value and Costa Rica is no exception. Properties in Costa Rica are easy to acquire. The country’s economy has been moving from strength to strength for the last one decade. The government is committed to maintaining the strength of its economy by attracting overseas investors and offering generous tax breaks.

Costa Rica real estate’s steadily rising prices (about 20-50% per year) ensure a good return on your investment and make Costa Rica real estate investment an irresistible investment opportunity. CIA world estate evaluation 2007 has rated Costa Rica amongst the world’s top five real estate investments. For Costa Rica real estate investment, click www.tropisphere.com.

The capital growth potential in Costa Rica has been on the increase for several years now. The sustained upward trend of Costa Rica real estate investment has made the country the number one realty investment destination for Americans and other foreign nationals. Another reason for Costa Rica becoming the favored real estate investment destination is the retirement market. Costa Rica is easily accessible from US and Canada and is already home to many Canadian and US residents. Low cost of living, better quality of life coupled with political and economic stability make Costa Rica a favored real estate investment option.

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