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Investing in real estate has always guaranteed maximum return on investment. With the developed world, however, it is becoming harder and harder to get even a modest return on real estate in practically all areas of the United States, Canada & Western Europe. In such a scenario Costa Rica is being considered by many investors as the land of promise especially if you are looking for an international real estate investment. Investing in Costa Rica real estate guarantees a high return on your investment along with giving you the opportunity to own a part of the most beautiful place in the world.

Apart from its natural scenic beauty that draws hordes of tourists every year, the country has certain other advantages over similar other investment opportunities in other parts of the world. Costa Rica has a stable democratic government that does not make erratic decisions with good law and order situation. The business climate too is very similar to modern western countries and it even has its own stock exchange. Foreigners have the same rights as local citizens when it comes to owning any property in Costa Rica. With no Capital Gains Tax and a property tax rate of only 0.0025 of the registered value of the property, high profits are assured of your investment.

With more than one million tourists visiting Costa Rica each year, the demand for accommodations and vacation rentals has exploded. Investing in the right areas of Costa Rica will generate handsome returns. One of the most popular areas in Costa Rica is the Tambor real estate area. According to experts, Tambor is attracting more and more people to buy property there because of its unmatched scenic beauty. Being a beach area, Tambor offers various adventurous and sports activities such as snorkelling, fishing, sailing and diving. Another such real estate hotspot in Costa Rica is Montezuma. Recently, the Lonely Planet placed Montezuma on its list of the safest and most beautiful beaches in all of Costa Rica.

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