Wildlife Rescue Center in Cabuya

Ref # : 5-258

Location : Cabuya

Price : $ 150,000 Sold

Land Size : 1 Ha (2.4 acres)

Bedrooms : 4

Bathrooms : 1


Types : Best Deals   Commercial   Ecological  

Features : Caretaker House   Garage/Carport   Guest House   Multiple Units   Walking Distance to the Beach  


Water : Public Water

Power : Public

Access : Public Road

Title : Titled


Status : Sold

Date Sold : 12/01/2014


wildlife rescue center

Real Estate Description

Truly an incredible deal and a dream come true for the right buyer, this is an opportunity to buy almost 5 acres with power, water, and access, for far under its true value, and to be able to run one of Costa Rica’s most popular wildlife rescue centers. If helping baby animals is something you’d love to do, then this could be a dream come true for you.

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What’s Included

For this price you’ll get 1 hectare (2.4 acres), much of it is reforested with rare and endangered hardwood trees, and many other fruit trees. This river system runs up into Cabo Blanco national park, so the animals that are released on the sanctuary should be able to migrate up to safer areas in the park, away from people’s dogs and hunters/poachers in Cabuya.

Rainsong has an active volunteer program, and is one of the most popular destinations for volunteer-minded people to visit in Costa Rica. Who doesn’t want to help baby animals, right? The allure of aiding these cute critters, along with Mary keeping the cost to volunteers low, means that there are more than she can handle. You would be able to continue this and perhaps expand it.

Local veterinarian Deanne Sharer, owner of “Dog the Cat” in Santa Teresa, acts as Rainsong’s volunteer vet for new arrivals, which are usually babies who have been separated from their mothers, or victims of high-wire electrocutions or dog attacks.

The paperwork for Rainsong needs to be renewed, and that has been a problem for Mary. She denunciad (sued) the local gov’t office who renews her paperwork, because she felt they were not doing their job of protecting the area’s sea turtles, and they have since refused to renew her permit. A new owner should be able to get the renewal done since it had been operating legally for many years, and there’s no other wildlife rescue center nearby.

The Rainsong farm has some basic houses/structures used for volunteers:

  • A two story open structure: ~5m x 10m

    Two small huts 4 x 5m


    Total: Approximately $40,000 in structures

  • Animal Habitats:

  • Aviary

    Cat/Mammal House

    Other Cages

    Total: Approx $10,000 in habitats

  • Why It’s Being Sold

    The owner, Mary, has been doing this for many years and at her age has found that she can be more effective in her work to protect animals, by using the computer, internet, and social media. So, she’s looking for an inspired younger person, or organization, who can carry on her work, and she’s willing to sell this amazing piece of land for much less than it’s worth, if it’s to someone who she believes has the genuine intent to carry on her work of saving animals.

    Within a week of Mary offering this for sale, 5-6 interested buyers lined up, but so far Mary hasn’t been convinced that any of them are going to continue her life’s work saving and protecting the area’s wildlife. She has asked me to help with this to find the right buyer, since many people will be interested in it for the land value alone and might not be as dedicated to the long-term survival and growth of Rainsong. So, if you want to buy this, please email me personally and be prepared to show why you’d like to continue the work of the rescue center. Yes, everyone loves cute baby animals and thinks it will be fun to play with them, but running a rescue center is hard work. You have to deal with an unhelpful bureaucracy, getting scratched and bitten, lazy volunteers who come to party instead of working, etc. Of course the upside is very rewarding too and you will meet the most loving and amazing people who will inspire you to go on. But the point is that Mary needs to see that someone has the ability to run Rainsong, not just the desire.

    For more information, contact Geoff McCabe (+506 8844-4726) – [email protected] or contact Mary directly at www.rainsongsanctuary.com

    Geoff is the CEO of Tropisphere, and one of the orginal founders of Rainsong. He designed the logo, website, and maintains the website and SEO for it. He would love to see someone else carry on Mary’s work and will help with the transition.

    Issues to be Aware Of

    This is part of a larger farm that has a border dispute with the farm above it, so Mary is subdividing the disputed part away from the mother farm, leaving these 9 hectares available and undisputed. Seven of those hectares she’s selling to the best candidate. 2 Ha, including the rescue center, will be sold only to a dedicated conservationist. Regardless of the outcome of the border issues, you’ll be able to purchase these 2 or 7 hectares. For someone who can afford to buy both parts, for a total of 9 Ha, Mary will give some kind of reasonable discount. You can read more about those 7 hectares here:

    7 Hectare farm for $5/m2 in Cabuya

    Remember, taking care of baby animals is a lot of work! They bite, they scratch, and they often die after you fall in love with them. It can be very rewarding, and is much needed in the area, but it can be heart-breaking too. Prepare to measure your success with many small victories and let the tragedies recede into the past.

    Google Map of Cabuya, Costa Rica

    Unfortunately this was shot on a cloudy day so we can’t see the farm, but it’s in this general area, not far from the beach, and between the main intersection and Cabo Blanco National Reserve/Park

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