Rock Star Villa in Santa Teresa

Tired of living a monotonous life? Wish to break free? Rent a villa in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and enjoy a fantastic holiday. And if you like the place, which is almost guaranteed, you can even think of buying some property here. Santa Teresa is one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica with an abundance of natural beauty.

A lot of the Costa Rican land is still unexplored. This country can boast of its exotic natural beauty, soothing climate, cultural uniqueness, and all these within an affordable range. People nowadays prefer to tour Costa Rica for vacations instead of Switzerland and Canada, mainly due to it’s cheap yet comfortable lifestyle.

Santa Teresa was formerly a fisherman’s hub, which gradually started attracting more and more people from outside. Mainly, the young crowd hit this place for its wonderful sea and sea sports. It is a surfer’s paradise. It is trendy, a newly found destination in Costa Rica, and attracts tourists all over the world with its great waves, exquisite sandy beaches, and fantastic sunsets. Instances are present in bunches of people who came to Santa Teresa for a weekend or a fortnight, fell in love with the place, bought Santa Teresa villas here, and never left.

Newcomers who came from outside and settled here added their characteristics to this place and influenced and affected the fervor. Naturally, Santa Teresa is no more foreign to the US or UK culture. Anyone coming from outside will find a familiar haven with wonderful neighbors around. Santa Teresa has become truly international now.

There are various hotels in Santa Teresa for you to stay for a while. But if you are planning a longer or a permanent stay, buying or renting a Santa Teresa villa is preferred. Your privacy and independence during your vacation is guaranteed.

Majority of the Santa Teresa villas are equipped with all the basic facilities and amenities. Rock star villas are popular in Santa Teresa as they are located in front of the ocean. Built as the ultimate bachelor house, this modern designed villa comes complete with all basic amenities. Rock star villas in Santa Teresa usually includes a remote-control mechanized entry gate with a high quality guard house, a 350 square meter (3500 ft2) high end house with A+ ocean views of the entire coast and waves below, four extra building pads for expansion or guest houses, three bedroom suites with ocean views, a master penthouse suite upstairs with huge decks, and super high quality kitchen facilities.

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