by Geoff McCabe

Santiago, east of Playa Hermosa

Santiago is a very beautiful ridge that has spectacular views of the valley and oceans. To the north it’s especially great, with extensive views all the way to the large mountains in the north. Not many people live here, and of this writing (early 2013) there are still parts of the road that don’t have power or water. The people that live in those parts of Santiago use solar power and have their own wells.

There are several huge and beautiful farms in the area, and some of these are still “informacion posesoria” land, which means they have never been titled. This is serious cattle country, and all the farmers here raise cattle for their living.

Santiago isn’t a town, it’s basically a long backroad that connects Playa Hermosa to Cobano. It also has outlets to Manzanillo, and a little-known shortcut to get to San Isidro and from there to Montezuma and Malpais/Playa Carmen. (See map below).

In order to get to Cobano, one must first cross the Rio Negro, which is usually impassable for the last 2-3 months of rainy season (around Sept-October).

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Map of Santiago as we define it:

Map of Santiago area

by Geoff McCabe

Geoff McCabe is CEO and co-owner of Tropisphere. He has been working in real estate in Costa Rica since 2003. Currently he lives on his organic farm, Rancho Delicioso. Geoff enjoys surfing, fire dancing, photography, and spending time with his friends here on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula.